Moving in together is an exciting stage in any relationship. However, there are several logistical issues you need to take care of beforehand. Whether one of you is moving into the other’s place or you are searching for a new place for both of you, it can be very difficult. Here are three top tips to help you pull off your first move together correctly.

Be Ruthless When Clearing Out

Moving in together means consolidating your furniture and household goods. Even if you are coming from a house share, you are going to have many things that you simply do not need two of. For example, you don’t need two kettles or cheese graters, and if you are moving into a one-bedroom flat, you don’t need two beds.

You need to be ruthless when deciding what is going to be kept and what will be sold or given away. It can be hard to do this if there is a lot of memories attached to the pieces. It, therefore, might be better for you to look into Safestore furniture storage for the furniture that you don’t want to lose. There are so many great pieces out that you might have already collected. Self-storage offers you the chance to hold onto them until you have more space.

Check You Have Storage in the New Place

If you are moving into a new place together, you need to check that you both have enough space for all the things you are bringing. One key area that needs addressing is wardrobe space. If one of you has a lot of clothes, you need to make sure that there is still going to be enough room for the other person too.

Modern spaces might not always have the amount of storage that we like in a home. You might also struggle to find a storage solution that fits both your room and the budget you have in mind. This means there might need to be some compromises made early on.

Try to Give Each Other’s Bad Habits

Even if you have lived with someone else before, you still might have a few bad habits that your partner does not appreciate. You must discuss these together as a unit instead of letting each other get frustrated and angry about what is going on.

For example, you might not be best pleased that they always leave the wet bathmat on the floor instead of hanging it up to dry. At the same time, your partner might not appreciate you going dirty dishes for them to clear up all the time. You need to make sure that you are working together to make your home a pleasant place where you both want to live. Only through proper communication habits are you going to be able to achieve this.

Enjoy Living Together

You need to remember in the difficult times that you chose to move in together for a reason. No matter what, you need to make sure that you are going to work together to make your relationship a success. Moving in together is a financial commitment, as well as an emotional one. You need to make sure that you are not going to waste money by falling out, breaking up, and needing to move out again. Moving can be giant stress, so try to stretch it out and approach it in pieces if you need to. With a little luck, it should not be too long before you are both moved I together and happy as you can be in your new home.