Having a baby has the power to turn your whole life upside down. It’s not just because of the lack of sleep, but because all of a sudden, you’re responsible for this tiny being who cannot do anything for themselves. While being a mother is an extremely hectic job, it also comes with so many rewards. As we live in the 21st century, there are so many innovations, products, and technologies that make motherhood a whole lot easier to handle.

Here are the top 7 things every new mom should have to make life a little easier.

1. Docking Station

One of the most difficult things a mother has to do is cradling her baby all day as they nap, sleep, or even play. Because a baby always wants to feel cuddled, and mothers are worried about the safety of leaving them alone, a mother’s back can pay the price. That’s why many mothers use DockATot to give their backs a break. Instead of carrying your newborn all day long, a docking station gives your baby the support they need, as well as the comfort and the cushioning they desire in their early months. It is also a great way to keep your baby feeling cuddled and safe at night while sleeping in their crib. This gives you a bit more peace of mind and time to do things around the house while you’re sure that your baby is safe and comfortable.

2. White Noise Machines

If your little one struggles to go to bed, you’ll find using a white noise machine can be an absolute lifesaver. Because white noise creates a womb-like environment for babies, it comforts them, which makes them feel safe and allows them to stop crying and finally drift off to sleep. Because it also prevents them from hearing other noises or distractions, it helps babies sleep for longer periods instead of easily being woken up. This gives a mother the chance to get things done or easily walk into the room without worrying about waking up her baby.

3. Support

Every mother needs as much support as she can get to keep her sanity and be able to take care of herself and her little one. But it is important for the father to also play a role in the baby’s life and help around as much as possible to make the mother’s life a bit easier.

mother and child enjoying time together

4. A Baby Carrier

If your baby likes to be glued to you, you’ll find that your arms will feel like they’re falling off after a while. It will also prevent you from multi-tasking as you’ll always have one arm occupied. However, with a baby carrier, you’ll be able to wrap your little one around your back or front and be able to move around hands-free. This also comes in pretty handy when you’re going out and need to use your hands for carrying shopping bags or other things.

5. Swaddle Blanket

Another great tool to help your little one feel that they’re still in the womb is a swaddle blanket. Because it allows the baby to be wrapped tightly, it gives them the security they need to fall asleep. That snugness and comfort play a huge role in keeping your baby sleeping for longer hours without being disturbed.

6. Eating Schedule

Feeding a baby whenever they feel like it will prevent you from being able to maintain a regular life. To help you put some kind of system in your new life, you should monitor your little one’s feeding and try to stick to a schedule to keep them from overeating. This will also help you maintain longer feeding periods with longer intervals to ensure that your baby gets the nutrition they need.

7. Nipple Cream

If your lactation consultant hasn’t already told you, breastfeeding can sometimes feel like torture. However, to avoid cracks, soreness, and ease the pain, a nipple cream is an essential item for every new mother who plans on breastfeeding. Breastfeeding can create a super-strong bond between you and your little one, and you don’t want the pain to get in the way.

Motherhood can take you completely by surprise in the first few months. To get used to it and help make it a bit easier, it is best to make use of the available products that are created for the sole purpose of making a mother’s life more bearable. With these seven things, you’ll be able to cherish every second and help reduce the burden and fatigue that comes with being a mother.