The Olight Baton 3 Pro is an upgrade to the popular Baton 3. A classic compact rechargeable EDC light with amazing design accents and a remarkable grip. The Baton 3 pro has been upgraded to a 1500-lumen max with a maximum throw of 175 meters. When gathered with its five brightness modes and strobe, this pocket light covers all of your lighting needs.

Magnetic charging cable and battery included

The Baton 3 pro small rechargeable flashlight comes with everything you need for your next-generation EDC flashlight. If the light runs out of juice, the Baton 3 pro comes with an Olight proprietary MCC3 magnetic USB charging table. The charging pad will nap to the base of the flashlight and let you charge with any accessible USB power source. You will forever know when it is time to charge thanks to a tri-colored battery life indicator built into the side switch.

EDC flashlight essential

The Baton 3 pro weight is only 3.63oz/103g (Including Battery) and the length is 3.99in/101.4mm so it fits comfortably in any bag or pocket. Use the dual-direction pocket clip to secure the light during travel or for hands-free options. IPx8 waterproof rated and impact resistant everywhere is a chance with this everyday carry flashlight.

Light up the dark

  • The 2-way pocket clip can be attached to pockets, belts, and backpacks for simple carrying, or attached to the hat brim to use the Baton 3 pro as a convenient headlight.
  • Powered by a one customized battery, the Baton 3 pro flashlight boasts a max runtime of 120 days that you can forever count on.

Why should I carry Olight Baton 3 pro EDC flashlight?

To identify potential risks

Flashlights today are brighter and have higher beam features as well. When walking down a dark area or to your vehicle at night, they can help you spot possible dangers while still far enough away to gain an advantage.

In emergency conditions

In an emergency situation where the power is knocked out, having a light is stunning. In a survival or rescue situation where being placed is the top priority, you need a way to signal your place. Some flashlights come with special modes such as SOS or beacon for just such a condition.

To keep the battery on your phone

If your mobile battery is fully dead. It can be a true issue in a range of circumstances. Instead of using valuable battery life from your Smartphone, a flashlight can be used instead.

For self-defense

A flashlight will allow you to temporarily build an attacker and gain valuable time to get away. It just takes 60-100 lumens to cause little-term blindness. Some lights even have strobe mode that is largely designed to disorient a perpetrator by eliminating a fast flashing super bright light. Additionally, the power metal construction allows the flashlight to be used as a non-lethal weapon and can even be used to focus the perpetrator over the head if need be.

General Features

There are many features and options accessible in flashlights today. When considering an EDC flashlight as an everyday carry you will want to look at the common specs accessible. Once you have decided on the general specs, you can then look at the extra options to consider. The common features to consider will be:

Beam distance

Beam distance is calculated in meters as the distance from the EDC flashlight to an object or to a moonlight area. It is commonly referred to as a throw or flood.


Runtime is calculated in hours. Some flashlights can run for a hundred hours or more in low output mode. For an EDC, you will want to select a light with a higher output lumen, somewhere in the 50-100 lumen range.

Easy to use

Part of the ease of carrying an EDC flashlight is being capable of quickly and reliably deploying your light. Picking a flashlight that has simple-to-locate buttons and a user interface with open access to modes you use is the most right for you.


Flashlights need to be powerful and to be capable to withstand hard situations when being considered an EDC. Look for lights that are built using high-standard military or weapon-grade aluminum. Additionally, a textured grip helps to keep the light from slipping out of your hand which is largely vital if you need to use the light for self-defense.

Unique/multiple light modes

Flashlights today give multiple light modes (high, medium, low), and some provide extra special modes. These models include bacon, SOS, and strobe. SOS and beacon give signaling for emergency situations while strobe delivers a bright quickly blinking light for self-defense.


What is the amount of light EDC flashlights make?
Understanding the general aim of the light is very vital. But generally, an EDC flashlight will need to give sufficient light to light up for the user conveniently. Anything about 1800 lumens of light is a helpful beam to view the dark side at home or backyard. Since they are used on a regular basis, let the light production be perfect to keep the power source to reject going back to the shop every time.

How often should I replace flashlight batteries?
Replace the batteries every 4 months to stop battery leaks caused by bad weather changes. The battery may drain quicker if you store it in a warm atmosphere, such as a car trunk, or if you use it too frequently.

How do I stop battery leakage?
A battery leak occurs when the battery discharges or ages and excess hydrogen gas is generated. The battery eventually ruptures, and potassium hydroxide leaks out. To stop that, store your batteries in a chill and dry place where the temperature ranges from 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, get rid of the batteries from the flashlight if you are not using it.

End words

Our top pick for the best EDC flashlight is the Olight Baton 3 EDC flashlight. It has a compact and sleek design that can fit in your pocket. It also generates a super-bright beam that will help you view everything in a single glance.