Finally! A Mattress-In-a-box for People Who love Luxury
Today’s shoppers put a high value on convenience–but they also want quality. A trendy up-and-coming mattress line called PangeaBed meets both of these demands.

“Our mattresses and pillows were developed with discerning consumers in mind,” said Martin Regueiro of Pangeabed, “Every mattress is made to order in the USA and is shipped fresh to your home.  Our mattress cover was not only crafted with hypoallergenic materials but also shows off a stunning fashion forward design.   When you run your hand over our cover you’ll feel how soft and supple it is and realize this is a luxury product.”

The Secret Is Copper

Copper is a trace mineral that’s long been associated with health. Specifically, copper has antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties, which is a big deal when it comes to your mattress.

According to many scientists, our beds may be home to large amounts of fungus, bacteria, dust mites, and dead skin. Environmental Health and Safety Online says our mattresses attract dust mites (microscopic organisms with eight legs that make them look like tiny spiders), so our mattresses can have anywhere from 100,000 and 10 billion at a given time.

In addition, scientists believe that humans may produce up to 26 gallons of sweat in bed every year. Yuck.

Other Quality Materials in PangeaBed include:

  • Talalay Latex: Because of the material’s open cell structure, the product is four times more breathable than mattresses made with memory foam, polyurethane, or synthetic Dunlop process latex.
  • Cloud Foam: To further reduce heat retention, our mattresses are also made with cloud foam. Good-bye night sweats, or sleeping with one foot out of the covers to cool down.

Dust mites thrive on humidity and dampness so the material helps in that respect as well.

It’s All About Layering!

The PangeaBed mattress has four layers, each designed to significantly reduce discomfort caused by back pain.

Starting from the top, the PangeaBed mattress includes:

  • Cover: Exclusive soft, foam quilting guarantees a more plush and luxurious sleeping experience over other mattresses.
  • Top Layer: The top layer, composed of copper-infused 100 percent pure Talalay latex to support spine, head, and neck.
  • Second Layer: Signature cool gel memory foam, ensures that the spine stays supported and properly aligned throughout the night.
  • Base Layer: We know a solid core always results in a good night’s sleep, so the base layer is composed of a high density foam that works to conform to the curves of your body while providing exceptional spinal support.

If you’re dreaming of a restful sleep, don’t give up–it CAN be a reality!