Installing a water filtration system is important for your home. The benefits of having one in place are pretty clear- it filters out harmful contaminants that might otherwise find their way into your drinking water, and it also improves the taste of your tap water. If you live in a city with poor-quality tap water, a filtration system could be the perfect investment.

1. Removing Harmful Contaminants From Your Water

Contaminants are harmful to your health, and can even cause some serious illnesses. For example, nitrates are not something you want in your drinking water. According to the EPA, nitrate contamination is associated with the blue baby syndrome, a potentially deadly illness that affects infants less than three months old. There are also differences between hard and soft water that you should consider. Other contaminants include arsenic, radium, and cancer-causing agents. Hard components are known as “scale” and are consumed by microorganisms.

2. Making Water Tastier

Filtering your water can help improve its taste as well as remove harmful contaminants. There are several ways to do this, including reverse osmosis or distillation. Reverse osmosis uses a special membrane to separate the clean water from the substance being removed. The substance ends up in a waste product, while the clean water is collected for drinking or other uses. Water distillers are very effective but expensive – each gallon costs about one dollar to make. So, before considering water filtration, look at the costs and benefits of installing one in your home.

3. Cleaner Appliances

Stainless steel appliances will stay cleaner if you have a water filter installed. Hard water is known to cause mineral buildup on surfaces, which can make cleaning difficult or impossible. You will save money by purchasing fewer cleansers to keep your appliances clean. Also, your glasses will come out sparkling clean, and you will no longer need to hand-wash them. Some cleaners are toxic to humans, but get rid of stains effectively. Installing a water filtration system means you will not have to rely on these cleaners, which are typically expensive anyway. You can keep your home cleaner with a water filter.

4. Reduce Your Chemical Intake

Many people rely on bottled water, but this is expensive and wasteful. Many people do not realize that they are ingesting chemicals from their tap water as well. A filtration system reduces the amount of chemical intake from both kinds of water. If you have been buying bottled water, you can save money by installing a filtration system instead. If you already use tap water, your chemical intake will be reduced considerably after the installation.

5. Save Money

Depending on how much you drink, installing a water filtration system will save you money. Bottled water is expensive, and you might also need to buy cleansers to keep dirt and grime off your appliances. Using filtered water means that you will spend less on clean drinking water. A reverse osmosis system can be set up in a garage or a basement and costs about $1,000 to install. If you filter your entire house with a carbon-based unit, this might cost twice as much.

Water filtration systems can be affordable, depending on how much you drink and what kind of contaminants are in your tap water. There are several types available for homes across the country, including under-sink filters, pitcher filters, and whole-house units. Installing an under-sink filter is one of the more affordable options; replacement cartridges range from $10-$20 each. A reverse osmosis system will cost about $1 per gallon to produce clean water (the waste product), while a whole house filtration system costs a few hundred dollars upfront and a few dollars a month to maintain.

6. You Will Drink More Water

You will drink more water if you enjoy the taste. A filtration system increases not only the quality of water but also its appeal. You might even find that drinking plenty of water every day has health benefits for you and your family. It is important to stay hydrated with clean water, which can improve your overall well-being in several ways. You need to have at least one gallon of water per person, every day. Drinking more than this is beneficial for certain individuals or in special situations, but it is important to know that most people do not drink nearly enough water each day.

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How much you drink determines your water filtration budget, but installing one can save you money in other ways as well. If you purchase bottled water frequently, the cost adds up over time. If you buy cleansers for your appliances or glasses, these add up too. Installing a water filtration system means that less clean drinking water is wasted when it spills on appliances or when it gets thrown out after cleaning dishes.