In the past, people have had to smoke marijuana for it to work. This is not always practical as those who want to consume marijuana may be in a place where smoking isn’t allowed or just don’t want the smell of burnt plant matter on them all day. Nowadays, you can find many different ways of consuming marijuana that will produce a similar effect but without the need for combustion and with less odor emission. 

Marijuana consumption methods have changed over time from only being able to smoke weed to now being able to use vaporizers, edibles, and tinctures which are all more convenient than smoking weed. Regardless of how you consume marijuana, most marijuana consumption methods require tools, and if you would like to learn what those are, here are the tools that every cannabis user must have.  


The first consumption method on the list is the bongs, which is iconic, not only within the marijuana community but also in the world. Bongs are one of the first marijuana consumption methods and date back over 2,000 years. They are quite easy to use, and only require a few tools to do, such as a lighter, a grinder, and a tamper. A tamper is a stick that is used to pack the marijuana tightly into the bowl since if the bowl is not packed tightly enough you will end up taking a dry hit. Bongs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, and there are even smaller bongs that are called bubblers. 

cannabis vape kit

Vape Pen

The next consumption method which has become one of the most popular in the world is the vape pen or dry herb vaporizer pen. These little devices are very convenient, since they are small, can be packed with a decent amount of marijuana, and are easy to use. They typically consist of a small chamber, a heating method which is usually conduction, a battery, and a mouthpiece. When choosing a vape pen, you should choose one that has a strong battery life, like those that can be found at Grasscity, since if you use higher temperature settings it might deplete faster. There are also vape pens that use concentrate instead of flowers, which provide the benefit of allowing the user to consume a higher amount of THC. If you want to buy vape products online, you can also do that from the many reputable stores such as Online Weed Canada. Usually, people enjoy vape pens because they have no smell compared to smoking cannabis.

Rolling Papers

Another iconic method of consuming marijuana, much like the bong, is the joint. A joint is essentially a marijuana cigarette and is often confused with a blunt, which is essentially a marijuana cigar. To make a joint, you will need rolling paper, which can be a bit difficult to use if you are a beginner. There are many different types of rolling paper, some are even flavored, and the cheaper the rolling paper you use the more difficult it might be. This is because the more expensive rolling papers are thinner, which makes them easier to roll with, compared to cheaper paper which is thicker. 


In terms of the tools marijuana consumers need, only one is of the utmost importance to have, and that is the grinder. Grinders are a staple of marijuana consumption since this is what you would use to make the marijuana finer and easier to roll with or pack into the chambers of dry herb vaporizers, or the bowl of a bong. Trying to roll a joint without grinding marijuana is a painful process, and you might find the chunks are too difficult and awkward to work with. Many people use scissors, but that’s a rather lengthy process, and you still end up with chunks that are difficult to use. 

Glass Pipes

Lastly, there are glass pipes, which are almost the same as regular pipes, except they are made from glass. Glass pipes have become somewhat of a collector’s item since there are so many designs, colors, styles, and sizes, that they have essentially become works of art. Aside from being beautiful and having intricate designs, glass pipes are a rather clean way of consuming marijuana, since no material or toxins are absorbed by the glass as a result of combustion. In addition to this, they are also very easy to clean since they are made from glass, and all that is needed is salt, a Ziploc bag, and Isopropyl alcohol.