Ever since digital maps and GPS have been introduced, people have forgotten the essence of paper maps and their relevance. Before digitalization, travelers and explorers always used maps to navigate their way and find directions. Even today, travelers who prefer to explore remote places carry paper or offline maps to reduce their dependence on GPS. Traditional paper maps are practical and hold sentimental value, thereby making them more relevant in today’s digital age. 

If you need more reasons to resort to traditional maps, take a look at the following factors. 

1. Strengthen Your Geographical Knowledge 

Studying a paper map for a few minutes daily can strengthen your geography and help you with your studies. If you or your kids are in school, you should invest in paper maps to build your world and geography knowledge. Some atlases also provide additional information such as historical events significant to specific regions and cultural implications like language, food, and traditional outfits. 

a map helps with travel plans

2. Helps with Travel Plans 

The next time you are confused about the travel destination you should visit, take a look at a world map and consider your options. This is specifically useful when you wish to visit multiple places within a few days. By looking at a map, you can easily plot an attainable course and possible cover within a few days. Furthermore, if you have been delaying your traveling plans, a map can inspire you to pack your bags and visit the destination of your dreams. 

3. Gives You Powerful Context 

Whether it’s related to a historical event or a personal experience, every map tells a story and provides a relatable and powerful context. The details in a paper map convey more information than words, which makes it even more fascinating. The cartographers at One Stop Map recommend getting a customized map for your loved ones, as such presents, and older relatives. Simply weave a story around the map or symbolize their love for a specific region through a custom-made map. Put merely. Maps are fascinating to look at and provide a strong context, irrespective of the story or significance they carry. Maps are also great conversation starters and keep a meeting going. Travel destinations, regional food, beaches, exotic places – there’s so much to talk about. 

a map enhances decor

4. Enhances the Decor 

Maps can be both functional and aesthetic. You can hang or stick a map on your wall to enhance your interior decor and instantly introduce a luxurious touch. Irrespective of the design and color, any map can instantly add oomph to a plain wall and bring some character to the room. Instead of painting your walls, you can hang a customized map, stick travel photos on it, or make your own map representing your favorite destination. Whether it’s a colorful canvas map or a monochrome paper design, any kind of map looks intriguing and inviting. 

GPS map

5. Helps with Navigation in Remote Areas

Even if you are not connected to the internet or GPS, a paper map can help you navigate your way through remote areas and reach your destination with ease. Since paper maps do not depend on the internet or wireless technology to function, you can rely on them in any situation. When using paper maps, you no longer have to worry about getting lost, especially in remote areas where the mobile network is usually weak. Even though digital navigation gives you the option of downloading your path and using it offline, it is not always reliable. This is when paper maps can help you find your way.

6. Simplifies Information 

Traditional paper maps are their way out for those unfamiliar with using technology and digital tools. Even if you can use digital maps, the information provided can get complicated and complex to understand, mostly when you are lost and in panic mode. Paper maps simplify information and give directions in the simplest manner possible. Moreover, the simplified information calms you down and helps you reach your destination faster, thereby making you less irritated. It is known that traditional maps enable you to plot an analog course, helping you walk faster. On the contrary, following digital directions can slow people down, specifically when the GPS acts up. 

While GPS and Google Maps are handy, they cannot beat the significance and essence that traditional maps carry. In a nutshell, old-fashioned maps do not let you make errors that most digital tools do. With paper maps, you can navigate your way with ease and reach your destination at a faster pace. Moreover, they possess a traditional essence and are time-tested.