So, it’s time to orchestrate your next trip, and you want to travel in style. You don’t want this vacation to be like all of the others; you want to take it to the next level. The problem with this is that you are not sure exactly how to plan a luxury vacation. Don’t worry; you are not alone. In 2018, there were 1.8 billion leisure trips taken by Americans.

Most travelers are stuck in the rut of planning the typical vacation—this no longer has to be you. If you are now prepared to kick your travel planning up a notch, you’ll need to protect your health while traveling. The following tips are sure to afford you the most luxurious vacation of your life.

Arrive in Style

Rather than flying in coach, consider flying in business or first-class, as those kinds of flights offer an increased level of quality and comfort. If you are genuinely looking to enjoy the ultimate flying experience, a private jet will give you the lavish ambiance enjoyed by the wealthiest travelers.

Imagine taking a private jet to Vegas for your next adventure. If you are traveling with a group, the price to charter a private jet may be equal or even better than first-class.

Use a Travel Agent

Sometimes it helps to seek help from the professionals. Travel agents will align you with the high-class accommodations that you desire. Be clear with the professional helping you plan your trip that you are looking for an upscale vacation.

The connections and knowledge that travel agents have can be of great use to a luxury traveler. Agents often have package deals that include a host of accommodations and amenities.

Lodge at a Luxurious Hotel or Resort

Nothing less than a 5-star hotel, resort, or boutique hotel will do for the luxe traveler. The dedication to service and quality displayed by these establishments is unmatched by hotel chains.

The spaciousness of the rooms, coupled with the elegant fixtures and furnishings, is alone enough to inspire awe. Notify your travel agent of your intention to explore which of these options will best suit your vacation.

Hire a Driver

Once you touchdown, you will have to secure transportation to get you from point to point. Don’t settle for cabs or ride-sharing apps; you want to travel like the stars. Hiring a personal driver to drive you around is the only way to go. This will give you the full-service driver that will cater specifically to your needs and also open the door when you enter and exit the vehicle.

Let a Private Tour Guide Show You the Sights

Make sure you see all there is to explore when you are on your holiday. Hire a private tour guide to show you around. This is the way to locate the best that your destination has to offer. A private tour guide will cater to your tour, specifically to the types of attractions you are looking to enjoy. They can even take you off the beaten path to places that guides with larger groups won’t venture.

Dine at the Finest Restaurants

Fine dining is the element that seals the deal on a fabulous vacation. Nothing says “high-end trip” like enjoying succulent cuisine and exquisite wine at a top-tier restaurant. An authentic, vibrantly-colored gourmet dish will please the pallet and etch a beautiful memory that you will always cherish—especially if it is served in an extravagant setting.

Inquire with your guide about the finest establishments in the area. You can also do some research on your own. Make the extra efforts to locate the absolute best restaurant you can afford.


Traveling is all about making everlasting memories and experiencing the wonders of the world. It is worth investing the time and money required to do this on a level that is higher than you are used to in everyday life.

Take ample time months ahead of your departure to budget and save for your vacation. The luxuries of a well-planned, opulent journey will give you fond recollections of your travels. The feelings of partaking in the pleasures reserved for the wealthy will send you back to your normal life with a sense of greater value.