Italy is famed worldwide for producing authentic and long lasting products and that is why consumers make a conscious decision to choose made in Italy products. Shoes from Italy are the best in the world. Be they handmade or done at the factory, the quality of Italian shoes is second to none. You can only imagine how good handmade shoes are: precision and perfection is at another level. Shoemaking in Italy is done by masters. It is an art, passed down from generation to generation. 

P448 has been making the case for men’s Italian made sneakers for over 5 years and has earned a special sort of street cred in the market. When you buy genuine “made in Italy” sneakers, you are literally buying part of Italy. Be it the climate, the soil, the air, or the passion of Italian artisans: a product made in Italy is imbued with culture and the traditions of fine craftsmen. 

P448 was born in 2014 in a small town in the central part of Italy called Forlì. Marco Samorè and Andrea Curti were two budding entrepreneurs who conceived this amazing brand. P448 was engineered to achieve perfection in design and functionality. Each of the men’s sneakers are made of high quality authentic materials and every step of manufacture–from selecting materials to stitching of the sole–is done meticulously and with attention to detail. The result is a brand that has grown exponentially with many consumers giving positive reviews on the quality and style of shoes.

P448 sneakers are thoughtfully designed and manufactured by master innovators and artisans in Italy. The brand embraces boldness and street culture to create sneakers with a soul projected towards the future. Millennial men are clear in what they are looking for in shoes as the choice of footwear is a source of self expression. The brand offers two collections a year for both men and women. These collections are divided into pre-collections and main collections. Additionally, there is a line for children which reflects the iconic elements of the brand to look like a “mini-me” version of the adults.

P448 Italian Men Sneakers


P448 today

To date, P448 is readily available in Italy and the world as a whole. Since its inception in 2014, the brand has managed to expand to neighboring Europe and to countries such as Germany, France, Holland, Belgium and Spain. In 2017, the brand penetrated the United States and the United Kingdom. A year later, the brand spread its wings to China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Turkey, Mexico and Canada.

P448 Italian Men Sneakers

P448 tomorrow

Sneakers, especially men’s Italian-made sneakers, have come a long way. The transition from the running track to the runway has been a slow and gradual one. In the past, sneakers were worn for sporting activities but not anymore. Men have taken to wearing Italian sneakers with almost everything in their wardrobe–including office suits. P448 is well aware that the modern consumer is brand-conscious investing in premium, well-made fashion rather than wear-once-and-throw-away pieces.

It is reported that P448 has registered growth rates of 50% since inception. The brand is now in 800 stores and is expected to grow further. For 2022, the goal is to reach a turnover of 50 million euros, thanks to significant investments that the brand has made.