Having a pet is such a nice addition to the family. It can do wonders in making everyone happy. In fact, a 2019-2020 survey conducted by APPA or the American Pet Products Association showed that more than 80 million families in the United States own a pet. But, a pet also comes with additional responsibilities in which everyone at home should observe. The top priority when owning a pet is to keep it healthy and happy, so he could have the best time of his life while living with your entire family. If you’re new to pet ownership, the following are some helpful tips on how you can take care of your pets the proper way.

Feed your pet well.

One of the most critical components of responsible dog ownership is the ability to provide good food to your pets. This is to ensure that your best buddy will have the right amount of nourishment that his body needs to stay healthy. It can be daunting in the beginning to figure out which food is best for your pet. If you need to consult a dog expert about this, then do so. Feeding your pet well not only spares you from the stress of caring for a sickly one. But, if you feed your dog the right food to avoid unexpected cleaning of poop, pet ownership will become so much more enjoyable and less stressful. The average dog excretes 274 pounds of poop every year, and this is equivalent to three-fourth pounds of dog waste daily. Unfortunately, pet waste is classified as an environmental pollutant. So, spare yourself and your environment from the damage that these pollutants may cause. Feed your pet well.

dogs are a girls best friend

Do regular vet visits.

Dogs need vet checkups at least once a year. Younger dogs may need more frequent visits as they need to be administered the necessary vaccines. They may also need regular visits if they have special medical needs. The good thing about dogs is that they love joy rides, so they are more likely to enjoy the trip to the vet’s clinic. On the contrary, cats may tend to become reluctant as they do not want to leave the comforts of their homes. But, before these vet visits, you need to get your dog or cat used to joy rides where you will take him to parks and any other interesting places. This is important so that your pet will not always associate car rides with vet visits. Taking your pet to a vet may be a challenge at the start because he needs to establish rapport first with his vet. You also need to find a vet that will serve as a good fit for your pet. These regular visits to your pet’s veterinarian are a must for the prevention of health problems. Do not avoid vet visits just because you think your pet seems fine and healthy. He has to be seen by a veterinarian regularly, not only when he’s sick.

Give him a comfortable place.

Much like being a responsible parent of your children, owning a pet also requires having a quarter where your pet can sleep or rest comfortably. Your pet needs to have a safe habitat for him to have a good quality of life. Give your pet a nice bed, a litter box area, or his own bathroom. Just don’t forget to secure the place from any potential hazards. Keep it away from exposed electrical cords, poisonous plants, or toxic substances. Note that as seasons change, your pet may also have different requirements like a need for a pet puffer jacket or sweater. As a pet owner, you have to be sensitive to your pet’s needs and always ensure that your pet is comfortable in his own space no matter what the weather.

Nothing beats the feeling of being hugged by a furry friend each time you come home from a busy day at work. It not only relieves much of the stress, but it also serves as a wonderful reminder that you are loved no matter what or who you are.