Basically, a portfolio is a collection of the works of an artist, intended to showcase their particular signature or style to an art gallery, a university, or even for an employer. It can include both finished and unfinished art pieces, as well as observational drawings. It can also highlight the best pieces or include supplemental articles, publications, or awards that you have garnered over your career.

Regardless of whether you are a seasoned artist or a budding creative, you should consider coming up with your portfolio, and below are some of the good reasons why.

A portfolio serves as a testament to your accomplishments and previous works.

More often than not, artists may find it challenging to describe their art pieces or their style, as well as discuss the meaning behind their craft. In this case, a portfolio can do the talking to you because a well-maintained collation of artworks can already give others an idea of your signature style or your strengths as an artist. Viewers can also follow your portfolio in search of more information about you.

In this modern-day and age, a digital portfolio is more convenient to generate and maintain because of various portfolio site templates or website builders that you can leverage. You can find out more here about artist website templates broken down into different categories. Some of the templates are customizable and pre-built, and some solely run on websites built with HTML and CSS.

A portfolio can solidify your ownership of the artworks you have created.

You have the authority over the work of your hands, and as an artist, copyright registration is a good practice to ensure that no one else will claim that the work you have done. However, there are instances wherein a copyright infringement may occur, particularly on the artworks that you have failed to register. In this case, a well-curated portfolio can serve as proof of ownership of the art pieces you have created.

A portfolio can help you enhance your art.

Finally, there will always be room for improvement, even for the most experienced artist. In this case, your portfolio can serve as your basis or point of reflection on where you can further enhance your craft. It is where you can reflect on your visual accomplishments, look back on how much you have grown as an artist, and think about how you can enhance your works more. New ideas may just enlighten you as you ponder on the images you have created previously, as being able to reflect on your past works may serve as an inspiration for you to generate incredible future masterpieces.

part of a canvas portfolio of an artist

Perhaps this is the perfect time for you to come up with your portfolio because it is an instrument that can showcase your ability as an artist. It can also establish your ownership of the art pieces that you have created or help you reflect on your visual accomplishments. Consider a portfolio as a necessity for your overall growth as an artist.