After the global Coronavirus pandemic took over the world a few months ago, businesses around the world had to depend on eCommerce to survive the blow. Although online shopping proved its efficacy a long time ago, the pandemic has upgraded it into an indispensable tool in today’s business world. As stores are slowly reopening, business owners like yourself want to keep the momentum of their eCommerce business and learn new ways to ensure that their sales continue to grow further in the future.

 Keep reading on if you want to find out how you can boost your eCommerce sales.

Create a Great User Experience

People prefer to shop on retail websites that offer a seamless and hassle-free shopping experience. The main advantage that online shopping has over physical shopping is its simplicity and accessibility. When you take that away, your customers will no longer have a reason to shop on your website. If you want to see your sales multiplying, you have to invest in developing a user-friendly interactive website that your customers are going to appreciate. If you are an online fashion retailer, work with your website development team to add a virtual reality feature where your customers can “try on” the clothes before they buy them.

Another important component of an online retailer’s website is the easy checkout process. Most online shopping can be categorized under passive shopping. This means that if they didn’t have the choice to shop online, people are unlikely to go out and physically shop for items they buy online. When the checkout process is complicated and lengthy, chances of abandoned carts increase, costing you a lot of lost business. Look for different ways and be an early adopter of new trends to stay ahead of your competitors and sustain your sales growth.

Offer Free Shipping

Shipping is by far the most important pillar in the operation of an online retail business. As a small business owner, it can be quite a challenge to offer your customers free shipping, regardless of how useful it might be for your bottom line. However, when offering free shipping to your customers, you can pass on the burden to specialized carriers who were found to be on top of their suggestions list. There are some important tactics that you have to use to secure a shipping deal with the right carrier. First and foremost, you have to have a clear understanding of your business shipping profile. Decide whether you need to ship small or big packages and how often your customers change their shipping address. Being ready with such information will make carriers view you as a reliable partner who they would want to work with. 

Enhance Your Customer Support Service

There is nothing more frustrating for eCommerce customers than feeling like they are talking to a machine with pre-programmed responses when they are asking for help. Poor customer service is one of the most common reasons why people refuse to use some websites regardless of how competitive their prices are. Unlike traditional face to face shopping, it is very hard to convey trustworthiness through a screen. That is why it is still important to add a human component to your customer support service if you want your customers to be willing to give you their hard-earned money. A great way to improve your customer support experience is to add a chatbot feature. Your customers will appreciate having their requests taken care of immediately in an efficient manner. 

Keep Your Customers Engaged

Adding your customers to a mailing list and offering them exclusive access to your promotions will make them loyal to your brand and earn you a lot of money from their repeat purchases. You can also create a points-based rewards system to encourage your existing customers to shop more and refer other potential shoppers to unlock special privileges like promotion codes, for instance. 

A client perusing through her smartphone to purchase a product through ecommerce

Use Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Everyone likes to look for tangible proof from real people about the legitimacy of the online retailer they are shopping with. By showcasing 5-star authentic reviews from satisfied customers, you will encourage more customers to trust your platform and become more likely to finalize their purchases. 

The above tips are all tried-and-tested ways that can help you boost your eCommerce sales. However, it is up to you to decide how to maximize their efficacy and make them work for your specific case. As you probably know by now, there is no one specific tactic that can help you drive up your sales and increase your profitability, so give yourself the time before you decide on a strategy to find the combination of tactics that does the trick for your business.