Too much fiction can be a bit boring and may take your productivity away, especially in times like these where there is little to do, and maintaining one’s sanity is the priority. You may have lost your touch with reality in general by spending long hours at home, but Netflix makes sure to help you stay on track and alive with its comprehensive collection of reality TV shows. 

From food to home decor and lifestyle shows, Netflix has it all, but here we are going to list down a few of the top trending shows that people have loved so far and some that may help you get through these tough times and keep you focused and motivated to make the most of your time at home. These shows are as followed: 

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

One of the most inspirational and motivating shows amongst the lot on Netflix, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, was the breath of air we all needed during quarantine where people had a hard time creating space for themselves and their families when everyone was cramped inside their houses for an indefinite period of time. 

Organization is the key to a happy and calm living, and KonMari, a Japanese consultant and organizational expert, is here to teach you how to do so. Most intricately and straightforwardly, you will learn exceptional skills to keep your house and yourself organized. 

Love is Blind

How do you fall in love with someone? You see someone, you talk to them, and when sparks fly, you fall in love. And that is how it should be, but not on this Netflix series “Love is Blind.” Here the contestants will talk, understand and fall in love, but without seeing each other. Confined in an adjacent room facing each other, they will not be allowed to see each other before getting engaged. It seems like a suspense-filled reality TV show because the contestants can always say no before tying the knot with their supposedly significant other.

The Great British Baking Show

We all know that quarantine has brought out the hidden baker inside us, whether it is bread, pies, or cakes. And we secretly blame it on our binge-watching sessions of The Great British Baking Show, which has helped many realize their passion for baking. An encouragement for amateur bakers to step ahead and take part in the competition and prove their baking skills to the world. Sadly, this show is available on American Netflix only, yes, ironic! But users abroad may use VPN on Netflix to access it anywhere in the world and take part in the baking spree virtually. 

The Indian Matchmaking

Finding the right match is hard, but it’s even more challenging when you have a whole desi family to please, along with the person you intend to marry. Indian marriages are nuptial between two families; no matter if you live in India or the United States, some traditions never change. 

Sima Taparia, a marriage consultant or a matchmaker, travels back and forth to find the right match for her clients. Some are easy, some are extremely demanding, making Sima a challenge to find the “right” one. 

Next in Fashion

Designers from all around the world have gathered up to make a versatile couture collection fit for all. These breathtaking visionary looks will earn the winning contestant massive prize money of $250,00/- and a chance to feature their collection on a luxury fashion retail website. 

Dream Home Makeover

Don’t we all love watching a big piece of nothing come to life with the addition of a few ornaments and furniture? Dream Home Makeover takes responsibility to revamp a shabby space and turn it into a picture-worthy room full of modern aesthetics and a comfortable style according to the customer’s requirements and needs. From single-roomed projects to designing and decorating an entire luxurious mansion, the McGhees can do it all while making their own dream home in the process and running a full-fledged interior design business. 

Too Hot to Handle

Released in April 2020, when the lockdown hit the world, 14 extremely attractive individuals find themselves in a retreat on a beach in Mexico for a dating show? Only to find themselves controlled by a virtual assistant, “Lana,” who places a complete ban on physical contact amongst the contestants to win a massive prize of $100,000/- If the no-touch rule is not followed, then contestants will lose money from the final prize. 

From the trailer to the visuals, the show really was too hot to handle for a lot of viewers, but it remained one of the most popular reality TV shows upon its release.