It is common practice throughout the world to have features of our homes regularly checked, such as our home’s structure, insulation, and roofing. What is not common, however, is the checking and maintenance of appliances. Quite honestly, most of us only notice there could be something wrong with our appliances when they are already on the way out. Rather than having to repair and replace appliances, have them checked regularly. Regular appliance check-ups will prevent most of the things that will be listed on this page from happening. You can check your appliances yourself or have a qualified and trained contractor (the best option) do it for you.

This page will tell you about the importance of having your appliances regularly checked and explain a few things that could go wrong if you do not have your appliances serviced and checked regularly, you will find yourself forking out tons of money on replacements. Should you ever feel the need to replace your boilers and not have the immediate budget for them, you can always opt to buy boilers on finance to reduce the impact of the expense.

Here is the importance of having your appliances regularly checked, explained in detail, and simplified. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Costly Replacements

Replacing appliances can be very costly. If you do not have your appliances serviced and checked regularly, you will find yourself forking out tons of money on replacements. Dealing with a broken-down appliance can be a real headache. When faced with a broken appliance, according to the appliance specialists of Think Thank Home, it can feel like a balancing act between buying a new appliance and repairing an old one, which can be very stressful. Instead of having to make these hard decisions, have your appliances serviced and checked regularly. Having your appliances serviced is a preventative measure against spending a fortune on a new one or a costly repair. Services will tell you the condition of your appliance and any problems it may be experiencing, meaning you can act fast and save money.


Having your appliances regularly checked is essential for the safety of you and your family. Appliances that are on the way out can be a safety hazard, and if not repaired quickly, can cause serious harm. A faulty electrical appliance can quite easily cause electrocution, and a faulty gas appliance can quite easily cause a gas leak. For safety purposes, always have your appliances checked and serviced, and never allow them to deteriorate. Servicing your appliances protects everybody in your home and ensures nobody can get hurt.


In many countries, it is your legal duty to ensure your appliances are serviced and checked. This is because of the last point, safety. Not only does a faulty appliance put you at risk, but it puts anybody else in the same building or on the same street at risk. A gas leak, for example, can quite easily be the catalyst for an explosion. Boilers need up-to-date certificates to verify their safety and to certify that they are working properly. It is important to do this if you get fined or in trouble if anything were to go wrong with your appliances, and it is revealed that your appliances were not up to date.

Energy Bills

An appliance that has gone un-serviced for some time can cost you a lot of money needlessly. Appliances may begin to use up more energy than is necessary as they get older. If this happens, your appliance may need to be repaired or replaced. If you notice that your energy bills are beginning to skyrocket, it may be worth looking into having your appliances serviced. By having your appliances serviced regularly, however, you can prevent this from happening and will be able to ensure you do not lose out on money.


It is important to add that nothing on this page stands for you if you live in rental accommodation. Your landlord is legally required to have your appliances regularly serviced and checked. If your landlord does not do this, you can report him or her to your local housing authority, who will then, in turn, force your landlord to have your appliances checked and repaired.

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Peace of Mind

Faulty appliances can, for all of the above reasons, cause considerable anxiety. It seems that just as things appear to be going well in life, something bad happens (like a boiler breaking down). Rather than having to worry about costly repairs, safety, energy bills, and legality – have your appliances serviced. It does not take very long, does not cost very much, and provides peace of mind. In our chaotic world, peace of mind is sometimes all that we need.

Now, with this page, we hope that you know a few reasons why you should always have your appliances serviced. Servicing your appliances does not cost much (and if you are a tenant, it is free). Always keep your appliances serviced and up-to-date to save yourself time and money in the future.