To know the worth of a man, check the type of shoe he wears. Probably, you’ve heard such sentiments. Shoes play a central role in your appearance. They can make you stand out or become the laughing stock of the event. So, if you want to be the king, you must know the right shoe to wear.

But picking the right shoes is a tricky game for men. Probably, you are one of them. To help you solve this challenge, here are the 8 most attractive shoes for men in 2020:


Loafers are one of the timeless shoes that fit for formal and regular wear. These shoes add a level of classy to your outfit. Also, they come in different colors, making them suitable for different functions. For instance, the Solovair shoes like tassel loafer, which are black, make a good fit.

On the other hand, the low and laced type is a nice selection for casual dressing. If you love to remain formal and casual without changing your shoes, you can go with brown loafers. So, loafers are a perfect choice for men that want to make a statement wherever they went in 2020.

 Desert boots

Are you a guy who loves versatility? Realizing this goal can be hard with the usual old shoes. To be versatile, you need a pair of shoes that will enhance that objective. Desert boots are a perfect choice.

Wearing these boots with your skinny jeans plus a nice shirt promotes you to the trend pacesetter position. Whether you consider pulling them up or down, they will always give the same results – outstanding appearance. So, consider investing in a high-quality boot in 2020 as you prepare for winter.

Chelsea boots

Are you a fan of Chelsea? When you hear the term Chelsea, maybe you think about your team. Now, you might be wondering, how do people wear boots when playing football? Well, you are wrong.

Chelsea boots are another great type of shoes for men that you shouldn’t miss in your wardrobe. This pair enhances your versatility and elegance. They work well with jeans or tailor-made trousers and suits. It is a perfect choice for individuals seeking to opt from the sneaker.

With it, you will enjoy an additional smart appearance. However, remember to pay attention to the quality of the boots before buying one. This way, you will be certain that it will serve you for a longer period.

High-top shoes/boots

Do you want to look trendy on every occasion you attend? Whether it is your friends’ cocktail, date night, or just walking your dog, high-top shoes will serve your purpose. This amazing type of boots comes in different colors giving you the freedom to choose. The boots add a new versatility level and boost your confidence.

Also, they are of high quality and fit for both wet and dry areas. So, the boots will not only uplift your elegance but also they will add versatility to your lifestyle.


Getting six-packs is a dream for every man. You want to build your muscles and have strong bones. Unfortunately, this does not happen naturally. To get that dream six-packs, you must engage in a series of extensive exercises. But there is one fact: having the right exercise gear is crucial.

One of the essential exercises gears is shoes. As you attend your workout sessions, you need a pair of shoes that make you feel comfortable and classy. Runners are the best fit for this character. They come with an extra level of comfort and care for your muscles and bones.

The designers of these shoes make them with runners in mind. Thus, their design match well with extensive workout activities. So, with runners, you will have enjoyable and comfortable workouts without hurting your muscles or bones.


Is this you? You do not like closed shoes, particularly in summer. Also, you hate sandals passionately. If this statement describes you, then you should go with sliders. These shoes are a must-have for every man. They are a suitable choice for walking along the beach or while in your backyard with kids. Apart from this, they make you have an outstanding and fashionable look that everyone will admire.

Boat shoes

Are you wondering what to wear when taking your wife for a dinner date? Get a pair of boat shoes, and you’ll be good to go. These fashionable men’s shoes are affordable and a great choice. When you wear them to your dinner date, your fiancé and guests will have a wow moment. The boat shoes align with your style.

Also, they are perfect for any function and gives you a unique look. They will add extra beauty and elegance to your outfit. If you’re choosy, you do not have to worry. Boat shoes come in different colors. So, you’ll get the perfect color for you.


Sneakers are another amazing pair of shoes you must have as a gentleman. These types of shoes offer the best versatility and flexibility. Whether you love being formal, casual, or semi-casual, you’ll find a pair of sneakers to match your taste.  Also, sneaker makes like solovair shoe design shoes with varying colors. So, you’ll have the freedom of choice.

Essentially, there are sneakers for different activities. Whether you want one for exercise or regular use, these shoes are the best way to make you stand out. The shoes will fit well with your other outfits. Hence, if you want to be noticeable on your next occasion, a sneaker can be a perfect choice. Try Vegan Sneakers from Loom Footwear made with vegan material only. These are city-appropriate and are made specifically for outdoor activities.

Wrapping Up

In a word, shoes are central to building a man’s outlook. The type and quality of shoes you wear determines how your fellows will take you. So, if you want to be trendy, these attractive shoes will be perfect for you in 2020.

In case you have been wondering what to wear or buy in 2020, this guide is useful for you. You no longer need to scratch your head. Whether you need a shoe for your dinner date, workout session, or for walking your dog on the beach, you now know which type of shoe to pick. So, it is your time to fill your wardrobe with these elegant and versatile shoes.