If you’re old school and still value the meanings attached to different flower colors, then you’ve come to the right place! Different flower colors have had various emotions and meanings attached to them for centuries and were used extensively during the 16th and 17th centuries to convey one’s deepest emotions to a loved one, using no words at all! In this article, we will look at the meanings behind the most common colored flowers. Let’s dive in!

Red Flowers

One of the most famous flower colors to depict intense feelings of love and affection has been red! However, red flowers also have more meanings behind them than just love and romance. They also stand to represent courage, admiration, respect, and of course, desire and passion! Due to its strong association with love, romantic roses have always been a symbol of everlasting love and are often gifted on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

White Flowers

White flowers are versatile flowers that can be used to symbolize many complex emotions. This could mean purity, reverence, peace, innocence, or even sympathy and bereavement. For this reason, white roses or flowers, in general, can be used for both weddings and funerals to represent different values and emotions!

Yellow Flowers

If you’ve ever wondered what color flowers you should get a good friend you’re visiting after ages, it’s yellow! Yellow flowers represent all the bright and warm emotions that are related to friendship and affectionate bonds! Nothing screams love and friendship louder than a bright bouquet of vibrant daffodils!

Purple Flowers

The color of royalty itself! This color represents dignity and success, and these flowers exclusively symbolize anything that has to do with success and reverence! So if you’re ever in need to congratulate someone on their new job or earn a Ph.D., a bouquet of purple blooms should be the perfect gift to display your admiration and appreciation for the person!

Orange Flowers

If you’ve ever walked into a room with orange flowers and felt your mood instantly become better, it’s because these flowers symbolize warmth, happiness, and pure joy! People tend to place these flowers around their offices and homes simply because they give off happy and positive vibes and serve to uplift one’s mood as well. Studies have proven that if you currently work from home or spend too much time in your office, having orange flowers on your desk or anywhere in your line of vision can significantly make you feel more lively and happy.  

Lavender Flowers

Though purple and lavender are quite similar in their shades, they both represent vastly different concepts. Lavender-colored flowers represent refinement, femininity, grace, and elegance. In certain movies, you’d see young women often in lavender-colored attire simply because it represents all the graceful characteristics associated with femininity. If you’re ever planning to throw a surprise birthday party for a friend who has just hit her sweet sixteen, then lavender can be a great theme color for all that it represents!