The idea of living in a house on the beach fascinates almost all of us. Many of us dream of living in a beach house to enjoy the soothing sound of the waves lapping against the seashore. The thought of getting isolated from the modern, fast-paced world and living in a beach house where you are close to nature and can experience the calmness of the sea waves seems captivating to all of us. For building the perfect beach house for you and your family, you can check out some amazing small beach houses on the internet. Besides the fantastic living experience, there are some other aspects that you should know before building a beach house that we have discussed later to help you decide accordingly.

Advantages of having a beach house

Living in a beach house can have health benefits other than the outstanding views that you can enjoy from the balcony. We have gathered some of the services or advantages of living in a beach house.

Health benefits

Having a beach house is one of the best ways of following a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. There is not any other better alternative for healthful outdoor activities such as swimming, surfing, and horse riding on the beach instead of spending your time scrolling on social media and other indoor activities. Besides healthy activities, the air quality and the atmosphere around a beach house are clean and pure, making you feel more cleansed and refreshing. Research has proved that living in a beach house can positively impact you due to sea waves’ soothing and natural sound, making you feel calmer and relaxed, good for your mind and body. Another significant health benefit of living in a beach house is the sun. On the beach, the sun feels more relaxing and reduces stress.

Outstanding views

One of the most tempting things to experience when living in a beach house is the mesmerizing view of the never-ending sparkling ocean. From sunsets to sunrises, you can enjoy the astounding views from your balcony or windows of your beach house. These beach houses are designed with larger windows to take full advantage of the sparkling ocean view you can enjoy within your beach house.

Long term investment

Typically vacation properties are known for their value retention because they maintain their value for a longer time without fluctuations in their market value. Beach houses have more chances of increasing market value with time, making beach properties great from an investment point of view.

Disadvantages of having a beach house

We know that there is no single thing that is perfect and everything has its pros and cons. living on the beach is great but can have some disadvantages. Below are some of the cons of building a house on the beach.

High initial buying cost

One of the major disadvantages of building a house on the beach is the high land cost to build your beach house. Because the beach land is challenging to acquire and can get a lot more expensive, the initial building cost is higher than usual.

Tourists can be annoying.

In the summer season, when many tourists visit the beaches, it can be a bit irritating for people who live on the coast throughout the year. The visiting tourists can cause unwanted attention as well as noise and other disturbances throughout the day.  

Higher maintenance cost

Beach houses have higher maintenance costs than other residential houses in the surrounding area. The insurance can be expensive because of the rising sea levels due to global warming and threats of hurricanes, floods, or other sea disasters. The insurance companies charge a lot more for the beach houses because they are at a greater risk of natural disasters.

Sand and corrosive sea spray

For beach houses, sandy home floor and corrosive sea spray is a significant problem throughout the year. The corrosive sea spray can damage your daily use of home appliances such as refrigerators or other electronics. Before building a beach house, you should keep in mind the repair costs of appliances and furniture damage and house renovations.