A lot of people have the impression that getting a cover for their backyards is basically a commodity as if there are no differences between the different types of outdoor covers and partial enclosures. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as the sheer volume of different designs and arrangements is massive. Combine the different types of backyard arrangements with the different types of covers, and you can create a space that’s truly your own.

You might even say it’s a lot like a tarp if it were made for a millionaire out of the best possible materials money can buy. This is far more than just a cover – it’s a statement of the kind of lifestyle you want to live, and it’s a part of the entire package of your backyard space. The right cover can make a lot of difference.

Looking Toward the Sky

Design elements are often used in all aspects of life to guide the eye of the people nearby. Often, a person will wear pieces of clothing that will guide the user’s eye to various parts of the wearer’s body, with different goals in mind that often come down to selective revelation and social dominance. In the case of your backyard space, the purpose of having fun design elements is a much simpler one that doesn’t typically have any ulterior motives.

Your backyard space should have design elements that work to both complements the style of the entire yard and add visual elements that keep the person who’s experiencing the yard gazing. There should always be the invitation to look upward, even if it’s only to get a view of the sky through the small gaps that many covers offer.

The most obvious purpose for a cover is to shade you from sunlight. This is good for both solid covers, which provide total shade and the more intermittent covers that allow some light to get through and allow a reasonably full view of the sky overhead.

The Composition You Can Walk Into

In the art world, there’s a thing called a compositional tree. This is an example of a tree that’s typically on one side of the image, but that guides the eye of the viewer so that the viewer’s gaze goes around the image. This has been used in painting for hundreds of years, and it’s usually only used in the two-dimensional world that an artist creates on the canvas.

It’s important to remember that a major part of any design feat is to create a sort of composition. In the case of outdoor space such as a backyard, you’re crafting a composition you can walk into. With the right cover, such as many of the customizable covers you can order at https://www.royalcovers.com/, you’re able to use these covers in the same way that a painter would use a compositional tree.