Pearls are a lady’s best friend. The gem has an unusual genesis and a colorful history. Pearls have been a beautiful ornament for centuries and include mythical stones, creating the queen of gems prestige on the wearer. Simply mentioning gems makes you picture beautiful women attending royal balls or wearing unflattering knee-length dresses.

Pearls are still a style, even today, and you will find them very popular even in fashion magazines. As seen at, you can showcase your beautiful pearls to give you that eye-catching look you desire among your friends, admirers, and colleagues.

So, read on to find out how best you can wear these amazing pieces of art.

How to Wear Your Pearls to Keep up with Modern Trends?

Work the Layers

Wear your pearls to work. You pick the simple, double, or even quadruple strand necklace. Just let them hang. Plus, you can try the adjustable chains to give you the layered effect. Throw in a sharp blazer of suitable color even black to show that you mean business. Alternatively, you can mismatch a little to feel brave or throw a little red coral necklace in the mix to accentuate your burning flare as a working woman. After work, you can ditch your blazer and mess around the layers a little to make the strands overlap. This gives you the happy hour feel, as you show other ladies the proper way to wear their pearls.

Bring in a New Style

You can pair your pearls with sterling silver this year to give you all the rage. Wearing a silver laurel leaf ring helps accentuate your pearl bracelet. Besides, it incorporates the natural trend, which is all the rage and on the rise lately. Moreover, you can wear earrings and silver-pearl necklaces to emphasize the contrast between the two. Ideally, it shouldn’t make any sense, but it does! A mismatch goes well with jeans and gives you a great look. Plus, it’s classy to wear for a dinner date.

Resize Your Sense of Fashion

Natural pearls are beautiful, and no two are similar. For some reason, women are trying to keep both bracelets and necklaces as uniform as possible. It’s time you start thinking of resizing by wearing the big ones with the small. Do this for casual outings by wearing several: necklaces or even bracelets or various sizes and layering. If you want a fancier evening, try the single pearl necklace and alternate the small and large to give you a little more wildly an elegant look.

Add Colorful Strings of Pearls

This helps you accentuate your outfit for any occasion, literally. For instance, chocolate pearls add style and elegance for a fancy banquet or family wedding. You get a fantastic look with creamy colors like the soft pink or beige. Gray pearls give you a classy element, which makes them ideal for Mother’s Day brunch. You can wear them over your beautiful look or something navy. Pink pearls give you a sweet and soft look, which is perfect for a dress. Plus, you can wear pearls to work. The pearl ice up your look, more so if you pair them with a two-piece suit in subtle pink or snow white or gray blazer. Golden pearls are known to add unique style to a show-stopping look and demand attention. It radiates well with any black evening dress.

Awesome Earrings

Ladies no longer borrow pearl earrings from their grandmother’s jewelry collections. Get a modern, classy look by wearing seashell pearl drop earrings with that favorite attire. You can switch it for a trendier baroque pearl drop earring to step out of the box. A set of tiny pearl drop earrings go well with leggings, and you feel comfortable the whole day from top to bottom. Plus, you can rock the silver cuff with your pearl drop to play with color, shape, and size. It adds contrast to your outfits Pearl jewelry collections enable you to wear any suitable pearls with your wardrobe to make a fashion statement.

To be bold, you must have everything necessary, including pearl brooches. Sew a white pearl button on your black blouse and wear it to a business casual event. Sometimes wearing a simple pearl necklace with your black dress lights up the night. You can add a wow factor by wearing a single pearl pendant. Not many women love the idea of wearing pearl necklaces casually, but a small pearl in your clamshell is hot! It nails it perfectly. The versatile pearl piece works nicely when dressing for a girl’s night out or to church.

The modern ways of wearing your pearls listed above enable you to wear your pearls for any occasion. You get the royally trendy look. Additionally, you will get to have that classy look once you arrive at any event.