Smoked meat is one of the most traditional dishes of every BBQ party; this is so because you can consume it with several side dishes. Moreover, smoked meats are delicious to eat and they do not even require lavish cutleries, you can serve them on paper plates. Let along there are numerous types of meats viz. lamb, veal, turkey, chicken, etc. that you can grill and offer to your guests.

Basics about smoked meat

Unlike several greasy dishes, smoked meats are low in calories as well as they are high in nutrition and protein content. Meat that is duly smoked is devoid of any bacteria, this means you do not have to worry about any digestive infections. When you smoke the meat at a recommended temperature, then you will get authentic crispy bark, while it still stays tender and juicy on the inside.

Tips and tricks to smoke the meat properly

To smoke the meat properly using propane it is mandatory to follow some of the basic tips that are as follows.

Wrap up properly

Indeed, before you plan to smoke the meat it would be essential to wrap it traditionally, and then place it inside the oven. You need to use organic paper for the wrapping purpose as it holds on to the smoky flavor while allowing the meat to become crispy on the inside.

Use natural fuel

By natural fuel means you should use either wood or coal to smoke the meat as it will offer it a tangy and authentic flavor that you can enjoy with a glass of wine or chilled beer. While you are smoking the meat do keep a check on the flame as it needs to stay medium throughout the process.

Do not serve them immediately

That’s right, in case you want to enhance the smoky flavor of your briskets, and then you need to place them inside the cooler for 2 hours. This process will make your smoked steaks juicier and crispier.

Correcting common problem

While you are smoking brisket there are a few things that you need to keep in consideration. This will not only aid you to preserve the traditional flavor, but your brisket will not suffer from over or under-cooking.

Brisket remain soggy

To protect yourself from such a situation it would be wise to use organic paper to wrap the meatloaf. Using aluminum foil for wrapping will trap in the moisture that will turn your brisket soggy and tasteless.

Meatloaf does not cut neatly

In case you want to cut neat and tidy pieces of meatloaf, then do use sharp and serrated knives. Moreover, you also need to use knives that offer a durable handle and proper knuckle clearance. You may try to use steak knives also.

High smoke level

Cooking briskets at a high smoke level will also decrease the quality level. This is so because the high smoke level will not let the moisture escape and won’t allow the proper formation of the outer layer.

Analysis of the best practices

To serve your loved ones’ most popular smoked meats during a BBQ party there are a few things that you need to consider.

Control the fire

The good rule of thumb to smoke great meat is that you control the fire of the oven properly.

No matter whether you are smoking your meat on a traditional grill or inside of a sophisticated ceramic cooker, do use medium flame.

Wrap the meat

Indeed, you require wrapping the meat with the help of organic paper as it has a breathable quality. Moreover, it doesn’t even stick on the surface of the steak and you will get neat and tidy steak pieces.

Tools you can use

Some of the best tools that will help you to smoke meat with perfection are as follows.

Serrated knives

With the help of serrated knives, you will cut the pieces properly and the blade doesn’t stick onto the meat. They also offer knuckle clearance and have an ergonomic handle.


Probes will give you a chance to note down the temperature of the meat. Thus, you can easily take them out after they reach the optimal cooking temperature.


It would be wise to use traditional smokers that use wood and charcoal as fuel. This way you will get a chance to cook the steak in an authentic and natural environment.


Do use a spatula that has a long handle as they offer you efficacy to turn even large meatloaf without much effort.