According to our favorite Natick fence company regarding the type of fence that you should consider,  Vinyl is probably one of the best types of fences out there. Despite its increasing popularity as fencing material, there are still those who haven’t heard of vinyl fencing, or never considered it as an option. Often, vinyl and PVC are usually associated with being cheap, flimsy, and disposable. When it comes to fencing material, however, you will be surprised at the many benefits that you can enjoy from vinyl.

Before you dismiss vinyl fencing, here are the remarkable advantages of using this fencing material.

1. It is Durable

Contrary to what you may have thought, vinyl fencing is highly durable. It is so durable in fact that it will last you several decades before you replace them. Vinyl is five times stronger than wood. Unlike wood, it holds up much better against the elements and it won’t attract termites. Vinyl is resistant to water damage, which also means that it is highly unlikely to form any blisters or peel. The best part here is that vinyl can replicate the look of wood.

2. It is Flexible

Despite it being stronger than wood, vinyl fencing also has some yield, giving it yet another advantage. Even when exposed to harsh weather conditions, its flexibility allows it to maintain its form, strength, and aesthetics for a long time. The flexibility of vinyl also makes it an ideal farm fencing material. The yield in vinyl fences minimizes the risk of horses and other heavy farm animals getting hurt if they run into them.

3. It is Easy to Maintain

One of the most sought-after advantages of vinyl fencing is its easy maintenance or even the lack of it. A garden hose is usually enough to clean it and it doesn’t require any routine checkups, adjustments, or fixes. If it’s not long enough, consider getting a portable reel cart with a hose extension. The reel will also help you to store your garden hose in a neat way between uses. Another thing about vinyl fencing is that they already come in the color that you prefer and it retains its color well. You don’t have to repaint it from time to time like you would with wooden fences. These advantages—strength, flexibility, and ease of maintenance translate to savings on repair and maintenance costs.

4. It is Easy to Install

Vinyl fencing comes in modular pieces that snap on or latch on to each other, making it easy to install. Even if you have pros install them for you, the labor costs will be affordable compared to other fencing materials. Once the fence is installed, you won’t have to keep on guard for curing times as with concrete fences, or with painting it.

5. It is Affordable

Compared to other fencing materials such as wrought iron, steel, concrete, and wood, vinyl is significantly more affordable. If you factor in its durability, strength, flexibility, ease of both maintenance and installation, vinyl fencing is practically a steal.

6. It Comes in a Wide Range of Designs

Vinyl fencing comes in various designs that will complement and even enhance the look of your home. Additionally, it never bothers your neighbors because vinyl fencing designs pretty much go with everything. You can choose designs such as traditional picket fences, ornate post fences, wood replicas complete with a wood grain effect, and even vinyl panels if you are installing a fence for privacy.

These advantages make vinyl fencing a wise choice of material. As with any other fence installation project, however, it will be a good idea to reach out to fence installation experts for advice, preferably those who have already installed fences in your area. Such contractors will be familiar with existing building codes and housing requirements to help ensure that your vinyl fence installation project proceeds without a hitch.