Dressing for your body can be difficult, especially when you’re plus-sized. Back then, there weren’t many fashion choices for bigger women, forcing most ladies to settle for ill-fitting clothes in dark, drab colors. 

Fortunately, as times have changed, there is now a wider selection of fashionable clothes to choose from. Thanks to the rise of online shopping, it’s much easier to buy more leggings, tops, bottoms, and other types of garments that can accentuate your best features.

Understandably, it can still be hard and overwhelming to pick out pieces that would be considered wardrobe staples. Nonetheless, it’s time to stop settling for frumpy and unflattering pieces and instead choose stylish clothing that will boost your confidence. That being said, here are some must-have closet staples you can effortlessly wear for all sorts of occasions:


This is a must-have item for any plus-size woman because shapewear can conceal and smooth out your problem areas. As a result, shapewear can change the way your clothes drape and hang on your body, which can boost your confidence whenever you’re wearing tighter or more formal clothing. Make it a point to find quality shapewear that meets your needs and makes you feel comfortable. It will give you a nicer silhouette without making you feel like you’re gasping for air.

Palazzo Pants

These wide-legged pants are a great alternative to denim jeans for days when you want to be more comfortable while still looking put together. Use the silhouette to your advantage by pairing them with more fitted pieces to give you the illusion of a taller and leaner frame. Dress them up with a simple blouse and blazer to make them more work-appropriate for corporate settings. For more casual or formal settings, pair them with sparkly tops and statement accessories instead. 

An A-line Skirt

Flaunt your gorgeous hips without over-emphasizing your thighs with a flattering and timeless A-line skirt. The wider shape of the skirt’s hem is equal parts flirty and subdued, making it perfect for the office or a romantic night out. Choose an A-line skirt in a neutral color to make it easier to mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe.

A Tailored Black Dress

Every girl should have a gorgeous black dress in their wardrobe. They’re universally flattering and are easy to style for a variety of occasions. It’s simply a matter of choosing the right kind of dress. As a rule of thumb, avoid strapless or halter styles as they simply won’t provide the support that your full bosoms need. Instead, go for dresses that feature both a capped sleeve and a plunging neckline. This will accentuate your curves while drawing attention away from your problem areas. Don’t forget to put on your shapewear underneath this dress for maximum effect!

A Denim Jacket

In terms of outerwear, you can’t go wrong with a denim jacket. It can offer a versatile silhouette that works on different body types and shapes without making you look too bulky. They’re timeless wardrobe staples that can give you a ton of outfit possibilities, as they’re easy to mix and match with different styles of clothing.

A Fitted Blazer

A blazer that’s tailored to your shape can really make a difference when it comes to corporate dressing. After all, why stick with unflattering shapes just because you have a dress code to follow? It can add a lot of structure to your office ensembles without making you look overdone. Throw it over a silk blouse or a button-down top to give yourself a chic and professional-looking vibe.  

A Hip-Length Jacket

When the weather gets colder, your cropped jackets just won’t cut it. To stay sufficiently warm, you’ll need longer outerwear such as a trench coat or a kimono. Longer jackets give you a more balanced and slender silhouette, too. Get creative and style these long jackets to make them perfect for the office, a party, a festival, and more.

Comfortable Sleepwear

You are never too old or too big for nice sleepwear, and you deserve to wear something decent and pretty when it’s time to go to bed. So when it comes to plus-size sleepwear, you don’t have to settle for baggy and frumpy dusters or nightgowns. Allow yourself to feel cute and cozy in matching ensembles with printed tops and pajama pants. If you prefer to feel more sexy or feminine, go for slips and negligees instead.

Gone are the days when dark-colored clothing was the only option for bigger ladies. These days, many retailers now offer more clothing styles for plus-sized women. There are even clothing brands that exclusively cater to this demographic, too. So shop with confidence and invest in timeless pieces that are flattering and versatile. With these items in your wardrobe, you won’t ever have to feel stuck on what to wear.