“Home is where the heart sings.”

It’s difficult to detach yourself from the things that have been so dear to you, such as a place where you’ve spent most of your time—your house. Your house has a deep sentimental value to you since it provides you with comfort, privacy, security, and a sense of home throughout the years. Thus, it’s a big emotional challenge to sell and list your house in the marketplace.

Selling a house that’s been your home for many years can be truly hard to let go of. However, everyone reaches a point in time where selling a property becomes necessary—either to move to a much nicer place or make money out of it. No matter what your reason is, this article will help you carry out the process easily. Here are the five things you should remember when selling your house:

1. Hire A Trusted Real Estate Agent

If you haven’t done selling a house before, it’s a good idea to employ a trusted real estate agent. They may get a commission on the sale price of your house, but it pays to hire them because of some great perks.

Real estate agents can elevate the chances of the quick sale of your house because they know how to negotiate with and convince the right buyer to purchase your property. They can determine potential buyers as well, dropping those who only want to take a look at your property but don’t have the intention of buying.

Since they have more experience than you, they can handle matters professionally if any problem arises. They’re also knowledgeable about all the pertinent documents you need to process and the possible drawbacks in real estate transactions. Because they know all the aspects of selling a house, they’ll make sure everything runs smoothly for you. Exploring alternative avenues for selling your house can also be beneficial, especially if you’re looking for a quicker sale. Engaging with a “we buy houses” company may offer a direct and hassle-free option, as these companies typically buy homes in any condition for cash, reducing the wait time associated with traditional sales. This option might not fetch the market value price but can be ideal for sellers looking to close a deal swiftly and with minimal complications.

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2. Price Your House Correctly

If you’ve made improvements in your house to enhance its condition, it’s only fair to increase its overall cost to get a return on your investment, but make sure you’re not assigning an impossible fee. Also, you need to stay updated on the prices of the active and ongoing listings in the marketplace so you have an idea about your competition and the standard costs. To give you a better idea of how to set the price, have a look at the sold listings online to know what price range potential buyers are looking for.

Selling a house comes with a price. But you shouldn’t charge too high a price as it can also backfire on the chances of your house getting sold. To make your house “sellable” is to price it correctly. As such, Sundae’s overview of selling houses can help you out in making the decision.

3. Prepare All Documents

While it’s important to prepare your property for sale, it’s necessary as well that you’re ready with proof in case you need to address some concerns or questions with regard to your house. Hence, you need to prepare pertinent documents that your real estate agent, lawyer, or possible buyers might request later on.

You need to make sure that all documents are complete and ready, such as property titles, mortgage satisfaction letters, copies of rental agreements, utility bills, and tax bills, among others. Don’t worry; your agent can help you prepare all these.

Meanwhile, permit violations could hamper the sale of your property, so you need to make sure as well they’re all cleared if any. Consult an accountant to help you manage the incurred taxes when you sell a house to make sure that you comply with the property tax laws, eliminating any issues that might be put against you as the seller of the house.

4. Declutter And Repair Necessary Damages

When potential buyers do an ocular visit on your property, they assess whether it’s a nice place to live in, considering some factors such as security, comfort, functionality, etc. Make sure you create an environment that gives them a sense of being at home. 

To create that ambiance, pull out any personal items and pictures displayed inside the house as they distract buyers. Also, remove furniture and other items that aren’t used frequently to give a spacious ambiance. Put everything in order and organize the closets, cabinets, and cupboards, especially the cutleries and silverware in the kitchen.

Go through all the areas and look for things that need repair and replace broken locks, knobs, sliders, and screens, to name a few. Lastly, repaint the house to make your house more appealing to your potential buyer’s eyes. Having a neat and orderly space can raise the odds of having your house bought.

5. Show Your House To Potential Buyers

Once you’ve gone through the things mentioned above, it’s time to put your home into a show. Make a stable schedule that includes both weekdays and weekends when your potential buyers can visit and view the property. If you want to sell your house fast, it must be available for viewing during open houses.

You can also market your house to the public by promoting it on social media and listing it on classified ads to have a wider reach in the market. Make a constant engagement with all prospective buyers and always give a lucid answer to each of their queries. It’s also important that your realtor is present in the event so as to thoroughly address interested clients’ concerns with regard to your house.

Business As Usual

If you’ve already decided to sell your house in the marketplace, you also need to shift your mindset from selling your ‘home’ to selling a residential property. You need to break away from your attachment to your property and consider the thought of selling as a business transaction. It might be somehow nostalgic to let go of the house you’ve grown up in, but the advantages of selling it are a lot––you can earn a considerable amount that you may use in a romantic getaway with your partner or get to own another property and create a brand new homey feel and memories in a new environment with the same people whom you dearly love.