Is The Grass Greener On The Other Side? High-End Casinos

Las Vegas is known for being the Gambling Capital of the World, and it isn’t hard to see why. From tall skyscrapers built on top of huge, decked-out casinos to the luxury restaurants, bars and clubs dotted throughout the capital for all-night fun, this part of the Nevada desert floods with money every year.

Known for being every gambler’s wet dream, Sin City has some of the most luxurious casinos in the world. There are, of course, the more standard establishments, but no gambling enthusiast travels to Las Vegas to visit one of those. 

Here’s the question – are Las Vegas and its high-end casinos all that they’re made out to be? Here are a few things that set these premium casinos apart from the competition.

free alcohol at a high-end casino

Free Booze, Anyone? 

Alcohol is free to all who enter the casinos in Las Vegas. You don’t have to sit at a $100 blackjack table; at the penny slots, they’ll serve you complimentary beverages as long as you’re playing.

So, if you’re going to the clubs to get plastered, do it first. You’ll save $75 per night. At the Wynn, you’ll find the best gratis casino cocktails, including free mojitos and brand-name tequila.

Just remember to leave a $1 tip per drink for your waitress. Stop by the Koi Pond while you’re here (luxury or what?) and visit their famous fanged koi’s as they swim around gracefully. It’s the most tranquil room on the Strip, but even locals are unaware of its existence.

Win Then Spend

Every high-end casino has a boutique. Only a few of these stores are affordable. The primary purpose of these stores is to take advantage of lucky roulette players who can’t wait five minutes to shop but then to get back to the tables to play some more.

However, a few casinos have excellent shopping malls linked to them, featuring distinctive stores at moderate pricing. The Shops at Caesars Palace and Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile are among the more ‘affordable’ options. Those malls also feature synthetic skies painted on the ceilings, which eliminates the need to go outside.

stylish girls at a high-end casino

Lose In Style 

The Cosmopolitan is the Strip’s newest and swankiest hotel. It’s the one that looks like Wynn if Liberace had a hand in it.

If you’re going to bet your hard-earned money, you might as well do it with the beautiful and against worthy opponents. Oh, and if you’re gambling at the Cosmo on a Friday, Saturday, or Monday night, sit at a table beneath the elevator leading up to Marquee, the hottest club on the Strip; it’s the best people-watching spot in Vegas.

Kokomo’s Lounge at Mirage and the coffee shop at Wynn are both more ‘affordable’ places to people-watch.

The Accommodation

 High-rollers choose Wynn Las Vegas, and many of those who visit occasionally stay at Encore, Wynn’s sister hotel and neighbor.

Residents of these five-star hotels receive preferential treatment and various incentives to play in the casino. The hotel’s luxurious style and more than 2,000 rooms are sure to appeal to lone and business travelers, as well as couples.

This fantastic hotel is expensive by Las Vegas standards, yet it is still competitively priced for all it offers. The prices would have been substantially higher if casino owners had placed it in another big American metropolis.

The option to take a break whenever players want, visit the fitness facility and spa, and then return to the tables reinvigorated is one of the advantages of having a room in the building. This benefit is especially important for poker players who must maintain a high level of concentration for extended periods of time.

happy people playing at a high-end casino

The Overall Experience of High-End Casinos

When it comes to hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, the synergy is obvious, and location appears to be everything. People who stay at other hotels and resorts come here to gamble because Wynn Las Vegas is fantastic.

The casino is unique in its own way, and it shares many characteristics with the opulent hotel. Even the busiest, most dedicated players who think about nothing but the games are drawn in by the exquisite design.

The environment is predominantly arranged for gambling as customers go through the grand halls and pass by trendy nightclubs like Encore Beach Club and Surrender. The charged atmosphere is noticeable when the European Pool’s outdoor casino transforms into the ideal place to play the most exciting games.

Thousands of gamers enjoy the excitement of table games, slots, and video poker found in traditional casinos inside the casino. The most active tables, unsurprisingly, are those dedicated to roulette, blackjack, and craps.

Even visitors that don’t play like being part of the excitement because of the communal character of casino activities. The stakes are more than acceptable, and the games are accessible to casual players, despite the casino’s and hotel’s magnificence.

Drinks are free, and gamers can choose from a dozen eateries if they want to take a break from playing. They are so conveniently positioned that they eliminate the need to leave the casino and wander the streets of Las Vegas.

So are Las Vegas and its high-end casinos all that they’re made out to be? If this piece hasn’t answered that question for you, maybe you’ll have to visit them to find out.