Las Vegas has rightfully earned its title of being the “Adult’s Playground.” Whether you’re visiting for the first time, for a bachelorette party, or a business conference, there’s no way you can leave this majestic city without experiencing some of its luxuries. Not to get things confused, there’s nothing wrong with experiencing the typical attractions of Vegas like the colorful yardstick cups filled with daiquiris and the endless buffets but if you want to experience Las Vegas like a true high roller, you’re going to need to have the big bucks.

Some of the luxury experiences that Vegas offers might sound very financially irresponsible to someone with an average income but you have to realize that Vegas has high rolling visitors. These high rolling visitors spend thousands to millions of dollars in casinos and because Vegas has those types of visitors, it’s only right that they receive the most extravagant experiences Vegas has to offer.

So if you’re up for dropping $5,000 for a Hubert Keller hamburger or can afford a $10,000 cocktail served only at XS Nightclub, then you are definitely one of Vegas’ favorite people… you are indeed a high roller. Take a look at the finer side of Las Vegas and pick which once-in-a-lifetime, over-the-top experiences you want.

Indulge in Joël Robuchon’s 16 Course Menu Tasting

Indulge in Joël Robuchon’s 16 Course Menu Tasting

The Joël Robuchon restaurant has rightfully earned itself three Michelin Stars, which according to the International Culinary Center, means that the cuisine is so exceptional that it is worth making a special trip just to taste the food… what it’s really saying is, Joël Robuchon isn’t just a place to stop at on your way to a particular destination… the restaurant IS the destination.

Now, when you come to this particular establishment, don’t even think about looking for a dollar menu… to dine on this 16-course lavish meal, you need to be prepared to spend at least $425. You can enjoy various selections of bread and cheese, main courses, and a trolley of tiny desserts. You’ll quickly realize that it’s really not that bad of a deal if you can actually consume this much food!

Ultimate VIP Package at Drai’s Nightclub and Dayclub

Experience the Ultimate VIP Package at Drai’s Nightclub and Dayclub

They say some of the best things in life are free and contrary to Vegas’ expensive list of luxurious activities, the one thing that will cost you little to nothing would be to get on the free guest list. At this particular nigh and day club, their goal is to make sure you don’t just have a good time in Vegas… Drai’s wants to make sure you EXPERIENCE Vegas as true VIP’s should.

So while you’re in Vegas, don’t forget to drop by Drai’s and up your party experience… not doing so will have you missing out on dancing to heavy-hitting live performances from Future, Lil Wayne, and Snoop Dog, making it one of Vegas’ most popular nightclubs on The Strip.

Ultimate VIP Package at Drai’s Nightclub and Dayclub

Taste Richness With the Louis XIII 23-Karat Gold Bar

Located at the SW Steakhouse in Wynn Las Vegas, this dessert candy bar is a one-of-a-kind experience your taste buds will never forget. At your table, you will be presented with a luxurious box that opens to reveal the most decadent candy bar made of the richest of rich Valrhona Caraibe dark chocolate ganache. Inside, it’s filled with praline crunch and the most deliciously intoxicating caramel infused with Louis XII cognac… if that isn’t rich nothing is…

Oh, did we forget to mention that this extraordinary candy bar is covered in 23-karat gold? Now, if you want this succulent, chocolatey gold bar to grace your taste buds, you’re going to have to come out of pocket for it, for sure. This luxurious candy bar is a whopping $100! This would have to be the most expensive candy bar anyone has ever put in their mouth, and rightfully so…

Did you know that the Louis XIII cognac that’s infused into the caramel ranges anywhere from $600 up to $6,000 or more, depending on where you buy it from? But as mentioned earlier, spending $100 on a luxurious candy bar wouldn’t be any hassle at all for someone with an income leaps and bounds above the average income… If you want a $100, gold-covered candy bar, you know that SW Steakhouse has you covered!