Times have changed. The internet has ushered in a new era and industries have changed to accommodate the changes, and the travel industry is no different. It is the age of solo traveling and backpacking. But while a soul-searching, life-affirming trip alone is sometimes just what you need, there is a certain charm to traveling with others that a solo trip cannot encapsulate. A road trip with friends, a playlist full of good music and an unlimited supply of snacks create stories and memories of their own. Friendships are rekindled, romance is born and people get to know each other and themselves better at the end of a road trip. So, in case you have not spent time with your friends or family for a while and don’t know how to start, pack your bags and let the road do the speaking for you.

But after all those romantic ideas are thought and the initial adrenaline of deciding to go on a road trip fades off, you need to get down to business and actually plan it. Planning a road trip is not as fun as the actual trip. But, if you plan well, make lists and stick to them, it should all go pretty smoothly. The accommodation and the transportation will take up a big chunk of the planning time since you will not only need to find ones that are comfortable and suit everyone’s needs. One good way of getting rid of all transportation-related worries is to rent a minibus with driver.

Why rent a minibus for your trip

There are several perks of choosing a minibus for your trip. A minibus will fit in your entire friends or family group with ease and make sure everyone turns up everywhere in time and no one gets separated from the group. It is also better than renting several cars. Not only would that cost more but there could be several coordination issues. The minibus can fit in 30 people with ease. It has comfortable seats, air-conditioning, wi-fi and sometimes even power points. Need we say more? There’s ample space for everyone to sit, relax and connect with each other while the driver worries about the routes and the traffic. The overhead bins can fit small bags and your large collection of snacks so you don’ have to worry about that either.

Once you have booked your minibus, here are a few other things you should remember to do:

choose your destination and make your bookings early

Since it is a road-trip and a large group will be involved, everyone will want to go to a different place. So, it is better to collect suggestions and even hold polls before you decide on the place. If you decide on going to a park, museum or gallery, call ahead to make sure they’ll be open when you visit. It is the same for accommodation too. Once you decide on the destination, find places that can accommodate your group comfortably. Booking early will mean you will get to avail a lot of discounts so it will be cheaper in general.

Plan your routes

Plan your primary and secondary routes with care. The perfect route will pass through several attractions and have multiple pit-stop options. They will not be too far from civilization in case you have an emergency and it will not have too much traffic. Remember to have both a primary route and a backup secondary one just in case the primary route develops some problem.

Plan pit stops

One other thing that you need to factor in pit stops. Stops need to be made at regular intervals so people can caffeinate themselves, but snacks and water, take bathroom breaks and stretch their legs in general.