Have you ever been surprised by anyone? A good surprise, of course. How did it feel? Can you remember your excitement? The gratitude you felt? Wouldn’t you love to do something similar for your family?

How Can I Surprise My Family?

The memories we make with our family are everything. The scream, the laugh, the hugs, the expletives – every expression from your family members when you throw a huge surprise at them – are memories to cherish and discuss in the future. They are the things that help us reconnect and stay happy together. So if you are thinking of ways to surprise your family – regardless of the time of the year – here are a few adorable options:

Putting the surprise in a cake! 

There is nobody that does not love cakes – even those who should not love cakes. So what better way is there to surprise your family than giving them good news right in the icing. You could tell your family that a new baby is coming and watch the joy on your husband’s and older kids’ faces. You could tell your family that you got promoted at work through the icing. You could tell your parents and siblings that you just got into an Ivy League college without even saying it. Just put it in the icing of a delicious cake. Cover it and have it delivered in the evening when everyone is at home getting ready for dinner.

Start a PJ Party! 

Haha, the kids would love this especially if you have plenty of them. Buy them spanking new pajamas sets and have them wear them right before they sleep. Wear them too with your spouse. And let the surprise hit the kids in the morning. The kids will wake up seeing mommy and daddy in precisely the same pajamas. Be assured they will brag about it to their friends in school. But it won’t end there. They will not forget it in a long time, although matching pajamas is almost now confined to a Christmas ritual. How about making it a more surprising surprise by trying it out much before Christmas?

Surprise them with a delicious delivery

Imagine the face of your spouse at work just before the Uber Eats guy delivers her favorite takeout food from her favorite restaurant. Then imagine her facial expression when she realizes that you did that. The resultant phone call and exchange of pleasant emotions will make the memory unfading.

Buy your kids the latest gadgets

Have you thought of giving your kid the latest PlayStation in the news, a spanking new iPhone, the slickest MacBook Pro, or whatever you know they fantasize about? Find out what it is and hit them with it. Kids love it. And they will not stop talking about it with everybody that cares to listen. 

Happy family having fun, playing board game at home

Take the whole family out on the weekend.

Plan for this. Do your research about exciting events happening in a fortnight. Maybe a movie premiere, or the Superbowl, or the UEFA Champions League final. You get the drift. Then buy the tickets, make a budget for the entire weekend. And tell them about it on Thursday night! This will make their Friday more enjoyable – with eager eyes set on the weekend. This surprise could be spiced up by making it out of town, and perhaps for Saturday and Sunday. 

Plan ahead for Christmas overseas

Maybe in France, the Netherlands, or some other non-English speaking country. Budget for sightseeing, eating local foods and purging pills. Ensure to enjoy the Christmas spirit in the foreign land – the carols especially. And do not pull a Kevin McCallister on any of your kids. Ensure not to leave any of the kids ‘Home Alone’. 

Getting your kid that placement

Another thing that excites children from getting cool gadget gifts from parents is getting patent supports in career decisions. For instance, getting your kid an internship with an organization he admires. This would make for a lovely surprise, especially if they did not know that you could pull it off. 

Friday Night Games

This is more exciting with a busy family. For families like this, it is the little things that matter more. Things like a charade game, karaoke game, or any other not-so-boring indoor game. Ordering pizza and other sweet goodies to go with the games will be something to remember. Ensure to catch up with your spouse and kids on the things you have missed. And don’t hold back on your conversations. 

Making a social media post about them

Post family pictures on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. And add a sweet, emotional caption. The kind of caption they will read and just love the family afresh. They will comment and share. And you will gain new followers. 

Finally, it is the thought that counts. So no matter what surprise you decide to pull off, make sure that your family can see your heart and how much you care about them.