Cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Like many other thriving industries, it is becoming the new battleground for tech startups. Cannatech is becoming an essential part of the cannabis business. Do you want to apply for a cannabis medical program? If you do, you need to find out how Veriheal’s platform can help you apply for a medical marijuana card.

Society once considered cannabis use a rebellious and illegal action. According to many non-users, consumers of marijuana were clueless, incompetent, and lazy people. Fast forward to today, and the cannabis industry is worth billions of dollars in the United States. Medical and recreational use of marijuana is also legal in many states. You can even find many cannabis recipes online like infused coconut oil and cannabutter recipes.  

How Veriheal Is Taking the Cannabis Industry Further

If you thought the medical marijuana sector could not go any further, then you were wrong. Veriheal has an innovative platform designed to connect patients with licensed physicians for approval. If you want to apply to a cannabis program, Veriheal will connect you with a licensed doctor in your area for an evaluation. If you are approved by the doctor, they will certify you for the state’s medical-marijuana program. 

The platform aims to provide information about medical marijuana to the general public. Veriheal’s platform also offers high-quality customer service you will not find anywhere else. You may struggle to find the most relevant information if you choose to do it on your own.

Fortunately, Veriheal recently introduced a new personalized cannabis consult service. Available in all 50 states, this service allows you to learn more about medical cannabis like how cannabinoids and terpenes play a role. You will get to learn how marijuana could affect your specific condition.

The personalized cannabis consultation is a 10 to 20-minute one-on-one session with an experienced cannabis coach. This discussion can further refine and target his/her recommendations based on your interests. Furthermore, you can check their website for up-to-date information on cannabis laws in your state. Essentially, the results will be tailored to you.

Veriheals Cofounders
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How Veriheal Makes It Easier for Clients to Get a Medical Marijuana Card

Veriheal’s strength comes from the founders’ knowledge and understanding of strong personnel and technology. Veriheal focuses on using technologies and its platform to schedule telehealth appointments with mmj doctors. The aim is to make things much more straightforward than what their competition offers.

How to Use the Veriheal Platform to Apply to a Cannabis Program

You need to sign up and register on the company’s website and complete a personal profile to schedule your mmj evaluation. Once you register for Veriheal’s services, you will need to upload medical records showing your pre-existing medical conditions. Afterward, you will meet with a doctor and have a health evaluation. If the doctor approves you for medical marijuana, he/she will recommend you for an mmj card. 

You need to understand that Veriheal does not write medical marijuana recommendations, nor is it a medical clinic. Instead, it is a platform designed to provide physicians and patients with tools and resources in the medical marijuana space. Through the company’s secure platform, physicians can set their schedules, access their patients’ medical records, and see their patients.