Basketball is a beloved sport with a huge cult following among both youth and adults. Playing it can not only be good for your health, but your social life too, and many people are waking up to the benefits that the sport can provide, both on the court and off.

With basketball being one of the most played sports internationally, this cult following is no surprise, and it has been heavily endorsed in urban media and mainstream media, which has seen it quickly become a universal sport of choice.

 Here are the top four reasons why you should start playing it today.

You Can Teach Yourself Self-Discipline and Motivate You

Basketball is a very trying sport, more so when you work in a team, and if you come into it with a little discipline, you will find that by the time you have an intermediate skill level that you will be very disciplined and a good sportsman. The professionals of are one such blog dedicated to teaching young people the benefits of being a motivated basketballer, and when playing basketball, you must be motivated and disciplined. Being a good sportsman is integral to any team game, and it can be very jarring and off-putting playing with somebody who has a bad attitude and bad on court manners. Some of the nicest people in the world are bad sportsmen, it takes nothing away from their personality outside of the game, but in the game, it is very, very irritating.

Basketball will encourage a significant level of discipline. It will help you become more disciplined and orderly, as playing the sport requires concentration and a level of discipline unbecoming of many other sports. You must listen to instructions and carefully and meticulously plot your next move.

You Can Play at Home

One of the most appealing features of basketball is that you do not need a full-sized court to play. You can find wall-mounted or in-ground basketball hoops are a great way to get active but at home. More so, with the current global pandemic than ever do, we need a way to play our favorite sports and keep in shape without venturing out to our local gym.

Playing it at home is a fantastic way to ensure you stay in shape during troubling times such as these, and it can be very cheap and efficient, with most in-ground and on-wall ball hoops being very inexpensive. You can fit them in your garden or on your front drive, and even bring friends over to play with you. These hoops are fantastic for all manner of reasons and should seriously be considered for the lover of the game; there are even many challenges online of front-yard ballers which you can get involved in.

Man holding a basketball ready to play Basketball with his team

It Keeps You in Shape

Basketball players are synonymous with being in pristine physical condition. It is a very straining sport that can build your endurance and stamina, and not only that but can build lower-body and upper-body muscle; to play it in the first place, you have to be in shape. It is very strenuous and challenging to play it if your upper-body is not in good condition, as you will be jumping and making shots, dribbling the ball, and doing a lot of upper-body exercises, which will be near impossible for long periods and hard to maintain if you are weak.

You Can Make Friends

Basketball is a fantastic way to network and meet new people. For those of us who are unfortunate enough to suffer from anxiety and depression, it can be a rejuvenating experience and a breath of fresh air. Playing sport is a super way to spend your time. As you get better at the game and build confidence, you will find yourself becoming very outgoing and pursuing more outdoor activities outside of it, and venturing to your local gym to play with other people who share your love for balls.

A fantastic way to go out and make friends playing it is to attend your local courts in the summertime; the likelihood is you will meet other people your age who share your interest in it, and you could potentially make friends for life. Another option would be to look for local social media pages for a club of ballers that play and join them through that outlet. The latter is much more recommended for those of us who struggle to meet new people, and it is much easier to have an arranged appointment than to just walk up and speak to new people.

When you go out of your way to pursue other basketballers, make sure you are forthcoming, friendly, and well-mannered, nobody wants to play sports with somebody sad or sullen. Be the best version of yourself that you can be.