One of the most exciting aspects of joining a dating site is the sheer convenience of socializing with so many people from your home, and the speed with which you can strike up a rapport. If you find yourself forging a real connection in a short period, you might well begin considering the most appropriately romantic locations to visit for your offline get-togethers. How about pushing out the boat and suggesting a weekend break to Copenhagen? Here are five of the most romantic locations to visit in Denmark’s capital, according to relationship advisors from

Botanical Garden

One of the best ways to establish an aura of romance and anticipation is to escape the city’s hustle and bustle and spend some time in the pleasant and tranquil surroundings of Copenhagen Botanical Gardens. This is a wonderful retreat, a veritable oasis within the populous capital city, and home to well over 13,000 different species of plants. These range from all over the globe, with specimens having been lovingly transported here from the tropics, the Alps, and even some hardier examples from above the Arctic Circle. There are 25 greenhouses to explore, and the conservatory offers a 16-meter tall lookout point, accessible via a rickety spiral stairwell. Another terrific aspect of this outlet is that it is free, and you can visit all year round. 

Thorvaldsens Museum

Founded as long ago as 1848, this is Denmark’s first art museum. There are many arresting exhibits for you and your partner to enjoy during your romantic break in Copenhagen, including arresting works by the Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen. You can study his personal collection of antiques ingathered from Ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt. The ground floor of this building features plaster sculptors of many icons from Ancient Greek mythology, such as Achilles, Adonis, and Jason of the Argonauts fame, complete with his Golden Fleece.

Kronborg Castle (Elsinore Castle) 

This iconic Copenhagen landmark was constructed in the 15th century and is located a short drive to the north of the city center. Here you and your significant other can explore the fully refurbished royal chambers and a magnificent ballroom. You will be surrounded by mindblowing paintings, tapestries, and other lavish examples of decor, not to mention a statue of the mythical King Holger the Dane, whose legendary story is over a millennium old. This magnificent building is also known as Hamlet’s Castle and is very popular during the Shakespeare Festival.

Frederiksberg Garden 

Also known as Vondelpark, Frederiksberg Garden is one of the finest green spaces you will come across in Copenhagen. Although it was once solely accessible by members of the Danish royal family, it has been open to all-comers since the early 1970s. Locals love enjoying picnics here, and it is always near the top of the list for visitors to the city. As well as exploring the gardens, you can book a boat trip nearby for a small fee. There are expensive views of the nearby palace, and the Copenhagen Zoo is only a short walk away.

Canal Cruise

One of the highlights of any visit to Copenhagen is a cruise through the city’s major waterways. You can book an outing through its many canals and harbors, listening to background music of jazz, blues, or opera while the Danish capital glides by. Take in the beautiful pastoral-colored houses and Renaissance-era castles, as you and your partner snuggle closer together, soaking up the atmosphere. This is a tremendous way to appreciate everything Copenhagen has to offer, and these boats are also available for private trips if you would prefer sightseeing at your own pace.