There’s so much choice for singles when it comes to choosing a favorite online dating service to sign up to. Selecting a dating platform depends on various factors. Still, the ultimate goal is the same: to connect with someone compatible for a relationship, whether that’s as a friend, a casual acquaintance, or a long-term love interest. In the latter instance, after building a rapport online via this source, the next step will be an offline encounter. How about a visit to the romantic Italian capital? Here are five of Rome’s most recommended destinations for lovers.

Giardano Degli Aranci

To give it its English equivalent, the Orange Trees Garden is a wonderfully romantic location. Surrounded by verdant and fragrant orange blossoms, you can stroll hand in hand through sun-dappled walkways, taking in the unparalleled views of Rome’s magnificent architecture. To one side, you will see the roof and walls one surrounding a medieval castle. You can either hire a Segway or, if you’re feeling a little less energetic, stroll along the garden paths from the Ancient Roman Circus Maximus. Romance will be in the air as you take on these tranquil surroundings and the heady, all-pervading Citrus scent.

Trevi Fountain

The world-famous Trevi fountain has featured in so many cultural references, most famously as immortalized by Anita Ekberg, the actress who bathed right in the middle of the fountain in the iconic movie ‘La Dolce Vita.’ This is such a memorable location that you must pay a visit. Whether or not you believe in the magical qualities inspired by tossing coins into its waters, the fountain itself is synonymous with love. This landmark would make a perfect backdrop to any of the selfies you and your partner decide to take during your Roman break.

Gianicolo Hill

This is another notable setting that is ideal for capturing the spirit of this wonderful ancient city. The view from this lofty height will leave an indelible image in your memory. In the surrounding area, there are a lot of cafés or canteens that will sell a variety of drinks and refreshments, meaning that you don’t even need to bring along a picnic hamper. On the other hand, if you want to make the most of the captivating atmosphere, why not bring along champagne or chocolates? This would be ample reward for the strenuous climb to the top.

Ponte Sant’Angelo

This is another iconic Roman landmark, dating back centuries. It was once accessible by the ramp across the River Tiber but is now a pedestrian walkway. Its English translation is the ‘bridge of angels,’ which seems so apt for such an iconic example of local architecture, providing more breathtakingly beautiful views. Although its history has been turbulent – the bodies of heretics were once displayed here as a warning for anyone who transgressed strict religious mores during the Middle Ages – it is now making up for its somewhat gory past by being the perfect alluring location for lovers in modern times.


Many a wedding has unfolded using this striking location in the background. You have undoubtedly come across this very scene without realizing it in well-known films. The best way to take advantage of this setting is for you and your other half to take a stroll through here at nighttime, surrounded by a galaxy of streetlights as you take in the scenic views of the ancient city. The atmosphere is always subdued and alluring, as befitting somewhere synonymous with romance, but there are also buzzing cafes is where you can retire for refreshments.