Automation has become mandatory in 2022 as IT is taking over the industry. Businesses can save a lot of time and cost just by putting most of the operations in automation.

This guide will cover what is business process automation and we will then see the best 5 business process automation software to use in 2022 and beyond or you can reach out to AlxTel or similar companies who offer complete business IT solutions to automate business processes.

What is Business process automation (BPA)?

BPA is the process of automating your complex business operations and repeatable tasks using the software. It’s meant to solve enterprise-level complex problems. The software is connected to multiple IT systems and configured integration for specific companies.

The goal is to digitally transform your business to increase the quality of your service, provide better ROI, reduce cost, and get accurate results. Not to mention, it saves hundreds of hours of your time.

Top 5 Business Process Automation Software

We will now begin with the list of the best software. These tools are recommended for the majority of industries as they are versatile. You can check out the complete list of features to choose the right one for you. We have listed the top features of each BPA software to make your decision-making process easier.

Let’s start with the list.

kissflow Process

1. Kissflow (Best BPA)

Kissflow is the ultimate no-code BPA software for all your needs. It’s versatile software to automate your workflow and speed up your digital transformation journey.

Their project management module is outstanding. You can not only manage all your projects in one place but it also gives you detailed smart reports to make better decisions. With proper data, you can make more informed decisions.

You can set an advanced workflow. The tool is simple to use. However, you might have to spend some time learning the tool initially. Further, you will get collaboration tools where you can chat, create team channels, and even get on a call with a team member. You can manage the user roles and set the permissions accordingly.

Top features of Kissflow

  • Form and process designer to suit your needs.
  • Integration with thousands of business apps.
  • App builder to build end-to-end applications with no code.

Nintex Process

2. Nintex

Nintex is an all-in-one business process automation software that includes modules like RPA (Robotic Process Automation), workflow management, document management, etc. Earlier, this software was only available for on-premise infrastructure. However, you can now use it for the cloud as well.

They have process discovery where the tool will help you to find all the possible opportunities to find the possible automation. Once you do that, you can plan, manage, and govern the process with the help of a process manager.

If you haven’t used similar tools before, their training materials are of much use. They cover all the information you need to know about the Nintex tool as well as BPA.

Top features of Nintex

  • E-signatures and document automation for better management.
  • Process mapping is made simple with the help of connectors.
  • They have easy integration with Sharepoint’s UI as well as Salesforce RPA.

processmaker process

3. ProcessMaker

ProcessMaker is the BPA tool to turn your complex processes into simple workflows. As the tool aims to provide you with a simple process, the UI is also simple.

You can automate all the processes starting from finance IT to HR. Anyone with permission can create the workflow in no time. The process modeler and form designer will help you to do it. It’s a drag-and-drop builder with a PDF generation option. You can also set a rule-based workflow for advanced automation.

Along with an interactive dashboard, it comes with Business Activity Monitoring (BAM). You can set SLA and manage business activities from here. It’s great if you are using SAP S4/HANA.

Top features of ProcessMaker

  • With Doculayer (acquired by ProcessMaker), you can manage your document easily.
  • The insight reports and activity dashboard will also send an email notification.
  • There are connectors for Google workspace, apps, CRM, SAP, and many more.

 Camunda Business Process Automation Software

4. Camunda (Open-Source BPA)

Camunda is the process of orchestration to enhance end-to-end automation. You can automate your tasks into end-to-end processes. They have two plans. You can either get with the SaaS-based platform or you can opt for the self-managed one. The self-managed platform allows you to download the software and host it on your cloud.

It’s an open-source and free tool. So, if you are looking to customize it as per your need, you can surely go with Camunda.

It’s an open architecture with amazing speed and performance. As it can be used for many industries, it’s a decent business process automation software you can use. The documentation, guides, videos, and community is of much help if you are a beginner.

Top features of Camunda

  • Complete insights and reporting with KPI-based alerts.
  • The process builder comes with a form designer and a process manager.
  • You can use it as a SaaS or self-manage it on your server.


5. LaserFiche

LaserFiche is a content-friendly business process automation software. If you are in an industry where you need to add content, LaserFiche has features like intelligent content capture. It helps you to digitize unstructured data.

Coming to our main task, you can use the process workflow designer to automate your workflow. Further, you can also set auto-routing of tasks which can help you with follow-up as well as reminders.

If you need any extra features, you can install the app from their marketplace. The marketplace consists of templates and easy flows to speed up your work process. It’s great even for the healthcare industry as it allows you to simplify HIPAA compliance and manage patients’ data. You can use it for other industries as well.

Top features of LaserFiche

  • Document and file management with version history, simultaneous editing, etc.
  • Intelligent content capture to manage unstructured data.
  • Integrations and interactive process builder.

Final Words

To summarize, these were the best business process automation software. You can use any of these for your business. There are different IT solutions for different industries such as IT solutions for insurance and bank companies, manufacturers, healthcare, etc.  Most of these have a trial version. So, it’s always better to try out the software before you can finalize it. Lastly, you can choose the BPA that suits your requirements.