Every single chemical reaction occurring in your body is described using the term ‘metabolism.’ Metabolism, interchangeable for metabolic rate, is the number of calories you burn. So, the higher the metabolism, the more is the number of calories you burn. Thus, losing weight and keeping off those shed pounds becomes easy. 

While some are born with a speedy metabolism, it is a holy grail for others. Generally, men tend to have a higher metabolic rate compared to women. However, for most, the metabolic rate slows down after 40. 

Indeed, you can’t control gender, age, or genetics; however, you can improve your metabolism and live a healthy life. So, read on the top 5 ways to speed up metabolism. 

Five science-backed ways to boost your metabolism

1. Consume a protein-rich diet

Do you know that your metabolism increases for a few hours when you eat food? Yes! It is known as TEF, short for Thermic effect of food. This is due to the requirement of extra calories to digest, absorb, and process the different nutrients present in your consumed meal. 

Thus, protein leads to the maximum rise in TEF and increases your metabolic rate by 15-30 percent. 

Additionally, when you consume a protein-rich diet, you feel full for longer and prevent overeating. 

2. Get your micronutrients or supplements. 

Undoubtedly, good metabolism leads to a healthy body. Unfortunately, however, the metabolic syndrome often leads to different chronic conditions. No wonder exercise and a healthy lifestyle go a long way in preventing such ailments. 

However, if you are experiencing a tighter schedule at work and your exercise and healthy lifestyle have taken a back seat, stress not! Instead, ascertain you are supplementing your body with the right micronutrients. 

Some vitamins and minerals support good metabolism; you can get it through varied diets. However, sometimes, it is worth getting it in the supplements form. 

Vitamin A, E, and D are some of the crucial fat-soluble micronutrients which keep the metabolic syndrome at bay. Additionally, the best NAD+ supplement is the potent, bioavailable, convenient, and cost-effective way to boost your metabolic rate. 

drink water for a better metabolism

3. Drink more water 

To lose weight and keep it off, you need to drink water and avoid sugary drinks. It is because sugary drinks contain calories. So, when you replace sugary drinks with normal water, you are reducing your calorie intake. 

Additionally, drinking water speeds up your metabolism for a temporary period. As per a study, 17 ounces of water tend to increase metabolism by 10-30 percent for almost an hour. 

It is even more significant when you consume cold water, as your body has to use up energy to bring the water to the normal body temperature. 

Water even helps you feel full. For example, when you drink water half an hour before any meal, you eat less.

intensive workout and proper food for better metabolism

4. Do high-intensity workouts and lift heavy things. 

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a quick and intense set of activities that significantly increase your metabolism and thus, help you lose weight. 

Additionally, muscles are known to be metabolically more active compared to fat. So, when you build muscles, you are increasing your metabolic rate. It directly means you will burn more calories every day. 

When you lift the weight, you tend to retain muscles and cope with the drop in metabolic rate, a common side effect during the weight-loss period. 

5. Get a good sleep 

Lack of sleep is directly related to the risk of obesity. It is due to the negative effects of lack of sleep on your metabolic rate. Sleep deprivation is also linked with higher blood sugar levels and insulin resistance; both are associated with the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. 

Additionally, sleep deprivations boost your hunger hormone, namely ghrelin, whereas it deprives you of the fullness hormone, namely leptin. This is enough to explain why the most sleep-deprived people often feel hungry and struggle to lose weight.


To significantly improve your metabolism, you need to make some little lifestyle changes and incorporate these science-backed tips into your daily life. 

The higher the metabolism, the more are the chances to have more energy, lose more weight, and keep it off.