You might have seen people carry off glasses so fashionably, that you might be wondering how to get the same classy and trendy look with glasses. Here are our top tips for choosing glasses that would suit your face shape and color:

What’s Your Face Shape?

Choosing a frame according to your face shape can enhance your look. It will help balance your face shape. If you are unsure of your face shape, look into the mirror. Tie back your hair. What shape do you see?

If yours is an oval face, you can get away with almost all glasses. You should only shy away from glasses that cover that beautiful face of yours.

 For a heart-shaped face, you choose glasses that are wider at the bottom since heart shape faces are wider at the top. Narrow frames soften the edges of a square shaped face. A Diamond-face shape is one the rarest face shape. If you have a diamond-shaped face, you should opt for rimless glasses. Cat eye or oval glasses will also be a good option.

For a round face, you should aim for glasses that take the focus off your curved lines, and give your face an oval perception. Angular or narrow frames will help you achieve that look.

Asians also have a unique facial structure. If you’re of Asian descent looking for eyewear, read up on what is Asian fit to help you choose the right glasses for your face structure.

Your Skin Color

The next thing to consider when choosing your eyeglasses is your skin color. Skin color can be broadly put in two categories: cool color or warm color. A warm color has peach, cream or a yellow cast. For instance, Asians usually have a warm color. If you have a warmer skin tone, look for glass frame in any of these colors: camel, gold, peach, coral, copper, bright red, white or even blue or tortoise. Avoid frames in light, pastel colors.

Some have a cool color such as pink or blue overtones in their skin color. For instance, middle eastern with their olive skins can be considered having cooler skin tones. If you have a cool skin tone, you should try on glasses in these colors: black, brown, silver, shades of pink, grey or even amber and blue.

Eye and Hair Color

Just like the color of your skin, you can also categorize your eye and hair color in warm and cool tones. Brown hair or brown eyes fall on the warm spectrum, while blue eyes and blond hair fall on the cooler spectrum. Again choose frames based on your color tones. 

Take a Friend Along

When going shopping for eyewear, it’s always a good idea to bring along a friend. With so many glasses to choose from, selecting eyewear could be the most difficult choice you make this year. Get a friend to help you out. Choose someone with a good eye for fashion, and who will always give you honest advice.

You can also check out how a celebrity with your face shape and coloring is wearing her glasses. Since celebrities are styled by some of the best fashion stylists, you could never go wrong with their choice.