We’re just finishing up with the winter this year, but for many depending on where you are it is still at freezing temperatures. And as spring breaks, you might be thinking of getting out into the countryside for walks and hikes. Whether you’re in the house trying to fight off the cold, or hiking around in the spring you’ll want to see our best tips for keeping your feet warm. Keep reading to find out some well know and some lesser known methods. 

Wear the right shoes

Most trainers and sneakers are made out of a mesh material, which is designed to keep the shoe breathable to prevent them from getting too how. Unfortunately, this is just the opposite of what you need if you’re trying to keep your feet warm. Instead, choose a walking boot made out of leather or similar material that will keep out the wind and the cold. We recommend choosing a boot that is still flexible and will be comfortable to walk in. It may be that you’ll have to take some time to break them in, and if you try to walk too far in them straight away you may get some discomfort. Once they are properly broken in though they will be much better than a traditional running shoe.

Double layer your socks

Once you have your boots set up, wearing two socks on each foot is a great way to keep your feet warm. A classic combination is to choose a polypropylene sock first, and then a woolen sock over the top. The main thing to consider is not choosing a sock combination that is going to be too thick, as this may mean that there is too much material to fit properly in your walking boots. A great sock set is from boots n bags heaven which can be combined with a thinner sock for a perfect combination to help keep your feet warm.

Use paper for extra insulation

This is a technique that Tour de France riders use, and uses a similar theory to the double sock method. Tour de France riders often grab a layer of paper and put it under their shirts for an extra layer of insulation as they climb the Alps. On a particularly cold day, you can use a paper towel or something similar to a napkin. This allows for the insulation and is also quick and disposable. The paper towel also allows for some absorption from water that seeps into the boot you are wearing to prevent chafing. The only downside is that if the paper gets too wet it won’t last very long. Think ahead to wear better socks. The caveat is that the paper can get wet from water seeping into the shoe. But on dry, cold days it is an easy, cheap solution.

Add in toe warmers

If you need to take your feet warming to the next level, toe warmers are a great choice. These heat up and can be inserted directly into your boot to make sure your feet and toes stay warm.