Fashion is subjective. There is no such thing as fashion rules, fashion is art and art has no boundaries; it is powerful and edgy. Your style reflects your real self, your passion, emotions, and your mood. You are free to wear what you want, it is how you express yourself and your creativity. There are tips and hacks of fashion that might give you ideas, like what colors are in, what styles are popular nowadays, or what suits different body shapes and ages. Ideas of fashion are just the preferences of others, you should still explore and innovate, or how else we’ll come up with new and unprecedented designs. The glamour happens when we surpass all stereotypes. Fashion lines are the inspiration and expressiveness of people, it breaks the walls of insecurities and barriers. Fashion is the way we perceive heights of insights. Read through our useful hacks to look stylish and fashionable in anything you wear; dare to wear is our statement of magical and innovative styles.

Budget and Expenses

The first thing that crosses your mind when trying to apply glamorous and fashionable looks is the expenses and budget. The truth is you can look fashionable within your budget, it is not costly as most people think; this is just a misconception created by market ideologies. You don’t need to invest in expensive clothes to get the best look and create a statement. Simple hacks like tucking your normal shirt into your everyday jeans, adding high heels, and some accessories can turn your look from conventional to outstanding. “Simplicity is the mother of taste” a strategy that has never proven wrong in fashion. When choosing the right accessories for your outfit avoid too much glittery stuff, it can knock down your look. 


A contrasting bag solves many problems of neutral outfits. Pairing your outfit with a colorful bag and statement sunglasses is a knockout in fashion. Avoid too many colors and accessories if you’re choosing to wear a bright color bag. Remember that women’s shoulder bags can either make it or break it in fashion. Handbags are the most significant accessory, they are among the basic necessities of women and it conveys a lot about your character and style. In fashion, a bag is a way of self-expression and is an indicator of distinctive style.

Right Fitting Outfits

A right fitted outfit always gives an elegant and chic touch. Right fitted clothes wrap up your body perfectly, now it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, and you can always mix and match between tight and loose. We all know that oversized shirts, sweatshirts, and pants are trending now and can still be styled perfectly, but it usually turns your style into a sporty one. If you are following oversized fashion there are tips that you might need to consider. Do not buy clothes that are several sizes bigger than yours, it is not the right choice, instead, you will end up looking wrong in all places. Go for the ones that are designed as oversized in the first place and stay near to your size. 

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Wear Your Jacket On Your Shoulder

One of the most trending styles today, working like magic and making a great transformation to a simple outfit is wearing your jacket on your shoulder. There are times when we’re out of the mood to dress up, this simple hack works perfectly fine for an effortless look and a stunning appearance. Think of your jacket as a cape that just falls onto your shoulders, it works very well in transition weather, keeping yourself warm but not overheated.

Mix and Match Textures and Colors

Fashion experts play it bald when mixing patterns and colors together, sometimes we never think that it will work, but when it does it makes wonders for an outfit. If you choose to mix and match different patterns be careful with the colors and vice versa. You can pair floral patterns with striped ones but watch out for the color tones, stick to one or two colors in your match. Black and white are the masters of all, there’s nothing compared to matching different patterns with those two colors, it will always turn out to be elegant, chic, simple, and daring. If you did it right you’ll be transformed into a diva.

Shopping for clothes and outfits is a pleasure in itself, but do not shop out of boredom you’ll end up coming back home with piles of items that you don’t need. Avoid buying random pieces and paying too much in trendy fashion, if you’re willing to spend some good cash invest in lasting pieces that are never outdated. Begin shopping at the sales racks, you’ll usually find surprisingly good stuff at a low price.