Cooking is fun, but sometimes the preparation is not. It is a good thing that there are hacks nowadays you can use to consume lesser time in preparing and go straight to cooking. These hacks are not only useful, but you will also have fun doing them. 

1. Put Your Soup-Ingredients In Ziplock and Freeze Them

One of the comfort foods that many admire is soup. Whether you are sick or the weather temperature is cold, soup is the perfect go-to for you. However, preparing its ingredients is time-consuming and tiring, especially when you are not feeling well. 

Preparing it beforehand, cutting the vegetables into pieces, mixing the ingredients, securing them with a ziplock, and keeping them in a fridge will make it easier. When you want to cook a soup, grab it from your fridge, let it simmer, and boil.

2. Preserve Sauces And Melt Them When You Need Them

Just like in preparation for the soup ingredients, you are preserving sauces using your refrigerator is also possible. The usage of ice trays or egg trays is applicable in this hack since spreading the sauce within them creates small portions when frozen. 

Plus, this is also a way of being thrifty. For instance, you have a left-over Worcestershire sauce outside of its bottle, and you can freeze it then go back to it instead of going through Worcestershire sauce substitutes. When you want such sauce for your food, you can grab it, take out the portion you need, and melt them in the oven. 

3. Keep Innovative Tools In Your Kitchen

With the current technology, people are smart enough to keep up with it. When it comes to food preparation, there are various gadgets out there that allow you to multitask. They save you a lot of time and unnecessary effort.

The famous 8-in-1 kitchen equipment is a good example. It is a lemon squeezer, a cheese grater, can opener, juicer, egg separator, measuring cup, egg cracker, shredder, and has a funnel. You do not need to switch devices from one to the other when you can have it all in your hand at the same time.

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4. Preparing And Cooking In One Sheet Pan

Not many people are aware, but you can prepare ingredients in one sheet pan, specifically the ones with the same cooking time. Ingredients including starchy vegetable peas, potatoes, sweet corn, and sweet potato can simultaneously be on the same oven. 

And you can also roast a protein like a chicken breast if there is still enough space in the pan. This hack is convenient, especially when you are running late. You do not have to wait for one ingredient to cook to give room for the other. 

5. Shred Meat Easily With A Mixer

Shredding meat after cooking it would manually require you to use a fork. It is not very practical when you think of it, and it is a slow process. Hence, using a mixer is your solution. Transfer the cooked meat to a bowl or plate, put it in the mixer, and let it do its thing. 

This hack is quite essential when you are specifically dealing with a massive quantity of meat. You can prepare a considerable amount in a short time, which is useful when there are occasions and holidays you are celebrating.