When we want a superior cup of coffee that surpasses any filter or instant coffee taste, we have to turn to low-tech methods. Those methods produce only a small batch of coffee, usually enough for two to four cups, but they’re superior in taste.

If you want to uplift your coffee-making skills, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll give you tips on using slow coffee brewing methods and creating great cups of coffee every day.

Get a Good Coffee Grinder

Before we start talking about various brewing techniques, we have to stress the importance of a good coffee grinder. Since stale coffee lacks taste, it’s slightly more bitter compared to a fresh one; getting a good grinder is the first step towards creating new coffee habits.

Oxidation is a process that breaks down organic molecules and changes the flavor of food. When it comes to coffee beans, oxidation causes the oils to evaporate, thus varying the taste from fruity or floral towards bitter.

You can see that in the Baratza Encore review, it takes less than one minute to assemble the grinder and have it ready for some coffee. Beginners can use the 40 grind sizes and find which one works best for them. You can easily adjust the settings until you find the perfect range.

For example, for espresso, you should do between 4 and 9; Chemex uses 18-23, while for French press, it’s best to opt for 24-34. This way, every coffee pot will have the same taste, and you’ll start noticing different aromas as well as nuances of your morning coffee.

Make Italian Moka Pot

Stovetop espresso maker, also known as Moka pot, uses basic physics to make a tasty espresso. It has a sturdy build that consists of three champers for water, ground coffee, and espresso. It was created in 1933 when an Italian coffee maker realized how to utilize boiling water to get an appropriately dense espresso.

Today, the Moka pot is one of the favorite coffee brewing, and it had a comeback due to its simplicity. If you’re going to use it at home, you’ll need approximately 22 grams of fresh grind and boiling water. When you put the water in the lower chamber, cover it with the coffee filter and screw the spouted top.

Now, it’s time to place it on the stove on medium heat and listen. When the water starts boiling, you’ll hear how the pressure pushes it through the coffee to make the silky brew. Lastly, if you like a splash of milk in your coffee, warm it up, and you’ll have a taste of Italy every day.

AeroPress coffee maker

Morning Coffee from AeroPress

Every coffee lover knows about AeroPress by now as it’s one of the biggest trends in small brewing coffee. It’s a simple system that requires warm water, ground coffee, and a small filter. When you assemble your AeroPress, one of the things you need to be careful of is the residual moisture. When you dry it with a cloth, it will be ready for brewing.

When you place it on your scale, add coffee, pour hot water, and stir the grounds. After a few minutes, it’s time to push. Baristas claim that coffee brewed like this has a specific taste.

Brewing Coffee with Chemex

Many people compare Chemex brewing to a calming morning ritual. Before you get started, keep in mind that it’s a very simple process that will give you a flavorful coffee without using complex techniques to enhance its natural aroma.

The Chemex is made from premium quality heat-resistant glass that imparts no additional flavors to the coffee. With good filter bags, you’ll be able to make coffee every day without any other equipment. It looks well on any kitchen counter as its design is very contemporary and minimalist. One of Chemex’s most likable characteristics is that it’s made from everyday materials, and when you stop using it for coffee, it can serve many other purposes.

Start Your Day with an Aromatic Coffee

With a lot of coffee accessories and complex brewing pots, there’s always a new way to make your morning coffee. Within that universe, the Chemex and Moka pot are one of the few that appeal to a wide range of coffee enthusiasts. However, with new trends emerging every few years, it’s impossible to foresee which direction the coffee brewing will develop.

Now that you have a few ideas on making a perfect coffee cup, you can decide which one you find most appealing and get it. Don’t forget that good-quality coffee ground in the right way is equally important for the taste and texture of your favorite warm drink.