Henrik Berg is the CEO and Founder of Morjas, the Swedish shoe brand specializing in understated luxury. Rooted in a men’s footwear offering, you’ll find a merging of the classic and the contemporary regarding styles, materials, and colorways. And so, expect traditional shapes from the Chelsea boot to the Derby shoe, the Oxford, and then there’s the tassel loafer, to name a few. With shoes, this good, women don’t want to miss out, and luckily there are styles for ladies in the form of elegant Penny loafers and Opera pumps, in sumptuous black velvet and patent to add a little decadence and to stylishly underpin your outfit.

Stockholm-based Henrik Berg tells shares his brand story and tells us about his latest campaign that features infamous watch collector Auro Montanari a.k.a John Goldberger.

Henrik Berg, CEO and Founder of Morjas

Tell us about Morjas…
Morjas was really born out of personal frustration. I have always invested in quality.

I grew tired of the fact that you have to break the bank to get a pair of high-quality shoes. When I learned that the price is highly driven by the business model, I got a big insight that we could deliver high value for money by making things smarter and changing the business model. That’s why we are a direct-to-consumer brand that only sells to the consumer through our website morjas.com (as compared to wholesale who sells via multiple middlemen). So reinventing the business model was the first insight. Then I wanted to simplify the customer experience and create a brand that delivers inspiration. We focus mainly on:

Penny Loafer Morjas Brown Suede

Timeless design: We design timeless quality essentials that weather any trend or season.
A new experience: We like our shoes timeless, but our experience new, fresh and inspiring.
Smarter business model: We re-invent how traditional shoes are sold and sell exclusively direct-to-consumer.
Giving Back: We build a company while giving back to our community. We donate 1% of our revenue to our non-profit partner, The Shoe That Grows.

Morjas menwear shoes

What is the signature look of your label?
Our signature style and the global icon are The Penny Loafer. We like the versatility of the model. We wear it with everything from vintage military staples to business attire. That’s the beauty of the model. It’s highly versatile, and it hardly goes wrong.

The Espadrille Grey kopia morja

Who is your customer?
The modern man who values high quality and timeless design. Age 20-45. Mainly two personas: the modern man who likes to dress well. Typically looks for niche brands that are best at what they do. Appreciates cooking, outdoor life, family, travel, sports. Also, the professional. Values convenience & value for money. Values simplicity and quiet design. At Morjas, we perfect the essentials; when others chase fashion, we design with simplicity, when others over-design.

Double Monkstrap Brown Suede Morja

What styles and materials can we expect from the brand?
Whether we design espadrilles, sneakers, or loafers, we do it with a timeless discipline. We ask ourselves, “Would these be relevant 50 years ago? Are they relevant today? Will they be for the 50 years to come?”. That helps us create an extremely essential and straightforward collection. During spring, we will launch new sneakers and new espadrilles. Timeless, sharp, and confident. We design for the man, not the boy.

Chelsea Brown Suede Morja shoes

Your latest campaign features John Goldberger – how did that come about, and how does he resonate with your brand?
I met Goldberger at a cocktail in Milano, and we bonded. I’m always looking for X-factor personalities to wear Morjas. It doesn’t matter if you’re a vintage aficionado or prefer sharp tailoring. That’s the beauty of our shoes; they are so incredibly versatile.

So I just got hooked on the idea of shooting Goldberger in a pair of Morjas. He has the “X,” he is confident, he is humble, he is kind, he is generous, he is reserved, he has a strong personality, he is genuine. All of those things that we stand for as a brand.

morjas footwear

For us, it has to be genuine when we collaborate with people. They need to genuinely like what we do and resonate with the brand; otherwise, it doesn’t make any sense. I sent Goldberger a pair of shoes, and he loved them. So we decided to do this campaign together—his first-ever in the menswear space.

What has been your career highlight to date?
Building a team that I look up to and enjoy working with.

See the full collection and learn more about the brand on www.morjas.com.