Are you looking to get to the airport conveniently? Well, congratulations on planning and actualizing your vacation. If you plan to travel to and from the airport, there are various ways to do so. They include traveling via taxi, train, bus, or even own car. While all are reputable modes, the comfort depends on what you choose. Read on!

How to Get to the Airport

Via Taxi

Taxi services are efficient and reliable. When you are on your way to the airport, take a taxi ride. To ensure that you get the best one, it is good that you ask for recommendations from fellow visitors or your friends. This works well since there are different varieties of taxis in the market today.

Via Train

The train is another reliable and efficient mode that you can use. You do not have to worry about the shape of the ride since it is a well-established form of transportation. It is often the most affordable option.

 Via Bus or Coach

If you wish to travel comfortably and conveniently, take a safe and reliable bus or coach ride from your location to the airport. It will take you time to get there, but it is worth the time and money you invest in this mode of transport.

Via Own Vehicle

To reach the airport quickly and efficiently, it is good that you take a personal vehicle. This will also ensure that you are not stuck on the drive and can arrive at their office on time. If you are using this mode, you must reserve a parking slot. You can do so by using reputable companies such as Parkos.

How to Save Costs on Airport Parking

Get in the habit of arriving early

The right thing to do is take precautionary measures and arrive early. Most people arrive past their departure time, which means that you have ample parking space by coming early.

Go for a long stay instead of short-term parking

If your plan is just for a short stay, you must contact parking authorities and check out when they have off-peak hours. Most of them have discounted rates for long-term parking provisions. This means that you get to save some money on the rate for your vehicle.

Avoid the weekends

You may want to avoid the weekends when the parking rate gets affected due to the rush of people. Besides, you will find many people trying to park their vehicles these days, which can be a headache.

Book in Good Time

Try to book your parking period at least ten days before it or even more to avoid inconvenience. Besides getting you the best airport parking spot, you also might be eligible for discounted rates.

Different Parking Options at an Airport

Shuttle Parking

This option is a great option that provides you with convenient access to the airport, and it also comes with a shuttle. The shuttles bring you directly to the terminal, just like a taxi, and you also pay less than using your car, hire vehicle, or an airport parking lot.

Cheapest Valet Parking

Most airports have their own parking lots where you can park your car for a few hours. Car owners can leave their cars at a charge (or for free depending on the location) for up to 24hours. During this time, a valet will come, take your car, and conveniently park it for you. The parking plan always works well when you are sure about the flight’s timelines. If there is a delay, you might experience some hiccups.

Moderate/Expensive Park & Walk

Lots of airports have enough space for you to park your car. Most of them are operated by private enterprises, and you need to pay a fee after the parking period. If you are looking for a moderate or expensive car parking slot, you might be eligible for a park & walk slot. It allows you to park and walk to and from your flight’s location. It is closer but a little more expensive than the valet parking.

Most Expensive Park, Sleep, Fly

Commonly known as the hotel +parking option, this is the most expensive parking. Here, clients are eligible for premium car parking spaces where they can park, access a good hotel, and fly at their convenience. The slots are near the flying zone and cost more than the standard parking rates.

Getting to the airport doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. You only have to determine your travel dates in good time and contact a company like Parkos to help you find the most convenient parking space. They can help you out.