Gambling existed in Las Vegas in the 1800s, albeit illegally. With the influx of people into the town during the construction of the Hoover Dam, authorities saw fit to legalize gambling in 1931. The casino industry then picked up steady growth afterward. Apart from free, $50 pokies no deposit sign-up bonus AUS venues, Las Vegas casinos are known for their day and nightclubs that provide nonstop entertainment and parties. The first casino to offer more luxurious entertainment and traditional gambling was the Pink Flamingo, built by Busy Siegel in 1946. As of 2021, the Las Vegas strip was home to over 30 luxurious casinos.

Las Vegas is regarded by many as a ‘gambling tourist attraction,’ with over 42 million people visiting daily. Although not everybody goes to gamble in Vegas, tourists spend an average of $541 on a trip. In addition, 57% of casino revenue in Vegas is generated from clubs, hotels, malls, and other recreational amenities besides gambling. In 2019, visitors spent $36 billion in Las Vegas. This write-up will discuss some of the best Las Vegas casinos that have excellent clubs with the ultimate party experience. So, are you planning a Vegas vacation soon? Keep reading to know where you will get your money’s worth.

The Cronwell Las Vegas casino
courtesy of The Cronwell Las Vegas casino

1. The Cromwell Hotel And Casino

The Cromwell Hotel and Casino (formerly Barbary Coast) opened its doors in 1979. It is owned and operated by Caesars Entertainment. The casino is an eight-story complex with the upper rooms offering a serene view of the Las Vegas Strip. The casino has 188 hotel rooms and a casino floor space of 3,176 square meters. It has the highest ratings among its peers, with a 9.1 rating from visitors.

In the Parties and entertainment sector, The Cromwell Hotel and Casino is home to the famous Drai nightclub operated by Victor Drai. The club is situated on the casino’s rooftop and covers 6,038 square meters. The nightclub hosts live performances by renowned artists such as Future, French Montana, T.I, and 2 Chainz for party lovers. Parties at Drai nightclub are never-ending as they continue till early the following morning. On top of that, the club opens a beach club on the rooftop during the summer holidays to give patrons the ideal pool party experience.

MGM Grand Hotel And Casino
courtesy of MGM Grand Hotel And Casino

2. MGM Grand Hotel And Casino

The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino Las Vegas are the largest in the United States. The property covers approximately 6.6 acres of land. The complex, which houses 6,852 hotel rooms, is owned by The Blackstone Group and MGM Growth Properties. Since its inception in 1993, MGM Resorts International has operated the casino. The casino has a ‘very good’ rating of 3.5, which makes the casino an ideal tourist destination for couples wishing to visit Las Vegas.

The MGM Grand is home to the humongous 5-level nightclub, Hakkasan. The casino also has a day club. The Hakkasan is what typical clubs dream of becoming. The club boasts of having resident deejays renowned globally, such as Steve Aoki, Zed Garrix, and Calvin Harris. Hakkasam plays primarily Hip Hop, Top 40, and EDM music. Due to its massive size, the day club has the most prominent pool complexes in Las Vegas to give customers the best pool party experience.

The Venetian Resort And Casino
Courtesy of The Venetian Resort And Casino

3. The Venetian Resort And Casino

The Venetian Resort and Casino gets its name due to its inspirational design from Venice in Italy. KlingStubbins designed the breathtaking casino, which later opened its doors to the public in 1999. At the time of its opening, the cost of building the casino was estimated to be approximately $1.5 billion, which was unheard of at the time. The casino is owned and operated by the Las Vegas Sands. The casino houses four theatres, where its signature Human, Nature, and Jukebox shows are always performed.

On the parties and nightclub front, the Venetian resort houses Tao nightclub. The club is next to Tao restaurant, which upon ordering a meal, a patron can access the nightclub free of charge. The Tao Nightclub is well known for playing EDM and Hip-Hop music. The small size of the Tao ensures more intimate partying interactions among revelers. The casino also houses Tao beach, where women are allowed free entry for exciting pool parties. Men wishing to gain access to Tao beach must have a 1:1 ratio of women accompanying them.

Mandalay Bay Resort Las Vegas
courtesy of Mandalay Bay Resort Las Vegas

4. Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino

Mandalay Bay and Resort casino opened in March 1999. It is jointly owned by The Blackstone Group and MGM Growth Properties. MGM Resorts International operates it. Mandalay has the Light nightclub, which features mostly Hip-Hop and EDM music. Light hosts live performances by celebrity musicians such as Ludacris. Daylight is Mandalay’s day club that offers free entry pool parties for patrons.

In addition to Light and Daylight being free, which is uncommon in many casinos’ night and day clubs, patrons are entered in a guest list every Wednesday. With the list comes tickets which holders can use to get free drinks. Another addition to the party portfolio in Mandalay is the Foundation room. Guests can enjoy their parties in this room located on the 63rd floor, giving them breathtaking views of Las Vegas.

Arias Las Vegas Hotel Casino
courtesy of Arias Las Vegas Hotel Casino

5. ARIA Resort And Casino

The ARIA resort is a relatively new casino, as it joined the market in December 2009. The Blackstone Group owns it, and it’s operated by MGM resorts international. The casino is popular among visitors due to its alluring modern design. ARIA houses the Jewel nightclub, and it has numerous cool-themed VIP lounges overlooking the dance floor. The casino is big on Hip-Hop and EDM genres of music. Like the Mandalay casino, guests trooping the ARIA Resort and Casino enter the nightclub free of charge. The APIA casino is a must-visit place for opulence lovers visiting Las Vegas. What is more refreshing than a dance floor surrounded by granite VIP lounges with topflight leather furniture? Additionally, the whole room is filled with 4K resolution screens that sync with the played music.¬†

Final Worlds

Nevada is known to many as the Gambling capital of the world. Las Vegas is bound to be home to some of the best and most luxurious land-based casinos. In a desert with over 40 million people visiting annually, casinos offer much-needed comfort away from the harsh weather conditions. As mentioned above, most casino revenues come from non-gambling activities, prompting casinos to go big in entertainment. In Las Vegas, most casinos operate 24/7 daily, contributing a massive stream of income to the state and federal governments. A visit to Las Vegas casinos should be on top of their bucket list for party and nightclub fanatics. However, it is essential to note that the casino market is highly competitive, and the casinos mentioned above may not be on the list in the future.