Dog bites can be very traumatizing, and in many cases, unfortunately fatal. Being bitten by a dog can be a terrifying experience and can cause many health problems, such as infection and paralysis. Because of the severe consequences of being bitten by a dog, it is important to treat the situation appropriately. Many do not know how to treat a dog bite, and because of this, they fail to act appropriately.

Unfortunately, many allow vicious dog owners to get away with it and do not name them, nor their dog, which means their dog can bite and maim other people. With that said, Here is exactly what to do after suffering from a dog bite.

Get Away from the Dog

The first advice we can give you is to put as much distance between you and the dog as possible. If an angry dog is biting you, do not stay put. You must try to fight the dog, and if you cannot, get to a place where the dog cannot get to you, such as onto the roof of a car or up a tree. Putting distance between you and the dog is very important so that you do not sustain further injuries. It is foolish to stay put and allow the dog to continue to bite you. There are many methods in which you can dispatch a dog if it is attacking you, and while we will not mention those here, it is worth checking them out if you fear injury from a dog. You must protect yourself.

Phone an Ambulance

Secondly, you must phone an ambulance, no matter the severity of your injury. Even if it is seemingly insignificant, due to the traumatic nature of the attack, you could go into shock or, at the very least, have a serious panic attack. Phoning an ambulance if your injury is more severe is even more important. You will need medical support no matter how bad the injury is to prevent infection and illness from occurring. So, phone an ambulance and speak to a medical professional immediately.

Law Enforcement

When some time has passed, and you have received medical treatment, or at the scene, if the dog is frenzied, you should call the police. The reason being the dog may need to be put down. Regardless of the dog being put down, it will still need to be captured, so you should phone the police, who will dispatch dog catchers to collect the dog. This must happen so that the dog is not able to hurt anybody else. Frenzied dogs can be a big problem and will attack multiple people; many people have died because of dogs on frenzies. Phone the police.

Contact an Attorney

You will very likely be entitled to a cash settlement from the owner of the dog. It’s important, for this reason, to contact an attorney. Attorneys can help you receive the compensation you deserve, while according to the legal specialists of, providing you with a comfortable and caring environment. You mustn’t fear involving attorneys; for having sustained a dog bite, you must receive compensation. It certainly isn’t easy moving forward from a thing like that, and every time you see a dog off of the leash or a dog approaches you, you may begin to fear that you will be attacked again. Always contact an attorney so that justice can be done. Depending on your legal proceedings’ outcome, you may need to go to court and stand up against the defendant and provide evidence. Suing the owner of a dog who has attacked you is recommended.

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Mental Help

You should not be ashamed of seeking help with your mental health after a dog attack. We have stressed how traumatizing an attack of this nature can be throughout this article, so you must not feel bad for seeking mental health professionals’ help. In fact, it is recommended. It can be hard moving forward after an attack like this, and only with the help of trained professionals will you recover and be yourself again. You will likely be entitled to free help from mental health charities.

With the help of this page, you now know all there is for you to know about what to do after a dog bites you. Dog bites can be very upsetting and scary, we know, which is why we have compiled this page for you.