The skin makes up the most extensive composition of your body. Therefore caring for your skin is a vital everyday routine that you should uphold at all times. Apart from moisturizing and cleansing your skin, you should also incorporate protective skin care practices. When you hear of sunscreen, it doesn’t only translate to the application through the summer season. It is advisable to wear sunscreen during all seasons, whether it is summer or during the fall.

You may think quick field research at your workplace for thirty minutes in the sun doesn’t need sunscreen. However, that’s a far outcry from the truth. Never underestimate the time you spend outside. Here are the top reasons why you should embrace the sunscreen application for all seasons.

Say No to Sunburns

Sunburns don’t only develop when the sun is exceptionally scorching and can burn your eyes when you look up. Typically, the UVB Rays will reach the earth’s surface even during the winter season. Even though the amount will reduce significantly, the sun rays are still strong enough to trigger a sunburn reaction on your skin.

A fun fact is the sun heats the earth’s surface at a shorter radius during winter compared to the summer season. Therefore, the UV rays will penetrate more through the winter clouds and harm your skin.

Additionally, remember to carry your sunscreen when you go under the sun to sunbathe or even take a swim by the pool or beach.

Minimize Skin Cancer Risk

Skin cancer is one of the most significant threats of excessive exposure to the sun. You may develop skin cancer if you continuously expose your bare skin to the sun without putting protective measures in place.

The sun radiates UVA and UVB rays. The latter may trigger cell mutation, which may result in the development of skin cancer. However, sunscreen application protects your skin, minimizing the risk of developing the condition.

The ozone layer, thanks to the greenhouse effect, is gradually reducing. The ozone layer is a constituent of the atmosphere, which helps absorb some of the sun’s radiation. Therefore, when the ozone layer continually depletes, more sun rays will reach the earth’s surface. It means, even then, harmful rays will penetrate more.

Promote a Younger, Subtle Skin

Aging is a phase of life that every living thing is prone to go through. However, you can minimize the aging effect and embrace youthful-looking skin throughout. Everyone loves a glowing radiance on the skin surface. When you apply sunscreen, it protects your skin from exposure to harmful sun rays.

As the sun continuously heats your skin surface, your collagen secretion diminishes. Collagen is a protein secretion in your body that promotes the tightening of the skin. However, non-comedogenic sunscreen, as expertly recommended, will help maintain radiant skin free from wrinkles and excessive paleness due to drying. It keeps your skin more elastic with its anti-aging elements. When your collagen levels reduce, your skin is prone to aging and will develop wrinkles and become saggy when the tightening reduces.

Exposure to the UVA rays will result in the development of wrinkles, lines, and creases on your skin. On the other hand, the UVB rays will trigger sunburns, and unfortunately, even skin cancer like melanoma.

Even Indoors Is Not 100% Proof.

You may think that you are safe from the harmful sun rays as long as you remain indoors. However, you may need to rethink this decision. Consider if you tend to stay for many hours in your house or office next to a window. Some sun rays will penetrate through the glass. It is also a common scenario when driving for long durations.

The glass offers protection up to a certain threshold with the blocking of the UVB rays. However, the UV rays will still penetrate up to some extent. The consequence is that you may develop crow’s feet on your face and even wrinkles. It gives you more reason to embrace sunscreen application before stepping out of the house and even carry some in your purse too.

year-round sunscreen

The Application

It is advisable to apply sunscreen on your skin every day. Also, ensure that you do it a few minutes before you step out in the sun during the application. Reapplication, as you go about your activities under the sun, is also essential. It is incredibly critical, especially during winter, as the atmospheric conditions trigger sunscreen removal faster than average. Additionally, ensure that you use a sunscreen brand with a high sun protection factor (SPF).

The higher the SPF, the more protection you get for your skin. Additionally, do not forget to apply sunscreen in your hard to reach areas like the back of your ears. Please remember that the ultimate protection to the harmful Rays is a high SPF factor.