It’s no secret that the world of fashion has embraced the cultural influence of football. Football and fashion appear to work beautifully together, with football stars becoming the faces of iconic designer brands and influential individuals in their own right. 

In this article, we’ll be discussing the reasons why the combination of these two areas continues to become a match made in heaven. 

The rise of elite athletes as fashion ambassadors

Sports stars all around the world have become style icons as a result of their success. Tennis player, Serena Williams, was awarded the Fashion Icon award at the New York CFDA Awards in November 2023. 

In addition, major fashion houses are signing with some of sports biggest names. Following her US Open win in 2021, Emma Raducanu has been an ambassador for Dior ever since. Louis Vuitton signed Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who appeared in one of their adverts ahead of the FIFA World Cup in 2022. 

Football players are in regular attendance of prestigious fashion shows, with Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka sitting front row at the Burberry fashion show. Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold, Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford, and Real Madrid midfielder Jude Bellingham, all attended Paris Fashion Week earlier this year. 

Now, designers are recognizing the influence of these stars and the significant impact they have on the public. 

Vintage fashion and football

The rise of the vintage football shirt market has seen some of the sport’s most famous shirts styled in today’s modern era. While some may be available in your local charity shop, the majority are highly sought after and may come at a costly price tag. 

Classic kits bring an element of nostalgia back into the world of football and fashion. Many young people appreciate the colors, graphics, and even the sponsors that appear on the shirts. 

Celebrities have been spotted channeling vintage football merchandise, including the likes of Kendall Jenner and Drake. 

Football stars as fashion icons

The relationship between football and fashion is only getting stronger, with footballers receiving endorsement deals left, right, and center. Last year saw Jack Grealish become the official ambassador for the luxury Italian company, Gucci. And, Kylian Mbappe secured a deal with Dior and is also a brand ambassador, too. 

The popularity of these football stars continues to grow and ultimately, it all comes down to marketability. While they are all incredible sportspeople, their personal brands are also equally recognizable. 

Many fashion brands wish to appeal to the younger generation, and using popular football players will do just that. Such sportsmen are worshipped differently, in comparison to musicians and actors. The emotional connection to a team can create an undeniable appreciation for the players, and fans will certainly buy into this off the pitch.