Dermatologist founded and formulated Dr. Dennis Gross combines the power of science and nature, to offer cruelty-free skincare products for radiant, and firm skin.

Mayfair Aesthetics Laser & Skin Clinics in London is the multi-award-winning aesthetics group that offers the peel, “I had a Dr Dennis Gross facial while on holiday in the US last year and really loved it. My skin was so fresh, clear, and smooth after the treatment, and felt great. Having had literally hundreds of facials over the years with many different brands, it’s fair to say I was quite impressed. I was chatting to the skin specialist who treated me and talking about my own clinics and the treatments we provide. She told me how much she loved the Dr Dennis Gross range and that it really was effective. Fast forward about 6 months and I was contacted by Dr Dennis Gross UK and I jumped at the chance to be one of their first UK stockists. I am using a selection of their retinol products on my own skin and regularly get compliments about how good it is looking. It is so refreshing to find a skincare brand that actually does deliver on its promises,” says Matthew Rundle, MD, Mayfair Aesthetics Laser & Skin Clinics.
To kick start the new year with a skincare routine, after all, winter is a time for dry, flaky skin, why not try a face peel — and here to help is the Dr Dennis Gross team with their expert knowledge.
Tell us about the treatment.
The Dr Dennis Gross Skincare™ Alpha Beta® Professional Peel System is a 3-step, professional-use-only chemical peel and the inspiration behind the retail Alpha Beta® Daily Peels. They are based on Dr Dennis Gross’ original clinical strength peel – which was the first “lunch-time peel” that rose to fame in the late 90s – and are only available at his NYC dermatology practice. There are a variety of strengths including the Sensitive Skin Formula, Universal Formula, Extra Strength Formula, and Advanced Formula to suit all skin types and concerns. There is also an Alpha Beta® Professional Body Peel and Professional Retinol Peel System.
Dr Dennis Gross Facial cleansing

How is it performed?
The professional peels are performed in a spa or clinic setting by a licensed skin therapist. Skin is prepped with a double cleanse and treated with LED light therapy prior to administration of the professional peel. Following treatment, facial masks and finishing products are applied in accordance with the specific facial performed.

How long does it take?
Full Dr Dennis Gross Skincare facials typically last approximately one hour, however the peel alone can be performed as an express treatment in about 15 minutes.

Dr Dennis Gross soap and sulfate free productsWhat are the benefits?
The professional peel delivers immediate radiance and glows along with visibly refined, tighter-looking skin. Congestion is eased fine lines are minimized while dry flakes are virtually eliminated. Results are cumulative and the peel is best performed as part of a once-monthly treatment series.

What to expect from it?
Smooth, radiant skin – without the downtime associated with traditional chemical peels. Dr Dennis Gross formulated the Alpha Beta® Professional Peel to provide powerful benefits with little to no redness, dryness, or sensitivity.

When you can start wearing makeup again?
Makeup may be applied later the same day, however most find that it is not necessary or use less than normal. It is an ideal treatment to receive right before a special occasion!