If you are an avid travel buff, Hawaii is one destination you cannot afford to miss. When it comes to a Hawaiian holiday, you have the most incredible set of options with its stunning island destinations. Maui is an all-time favorite destination for tourists, both first-timers and recurring visitors, for obvious reasons.

Known as Hawaii’s golden child, it deserves the title because it is a glorious mix of everything. You can explore lush-green rainforests and alluring volcanoes and visit spectacular waterfalls and sunny beaches. While Maui has so much to offer, it also emerged as one of the top destinations for travelers in pandemic times. Here are some reasons you should plan a trip here out in 2021.

You can skip the quarantine by fulfilling testing requirements

The worst that can happen to you during a holiday is to be locked up in your hotel room. Thankfully, you can bypass the quarantine requirement for Hawaii by presenting a negative COVID-test report for one taken within 72 hours of departure of your flight. The guideline was implemented in October last year as an initiative to revive the local economy.

So you can easily plan a trip to Maui without worrying about being cooped indoors for weeks after you arrive there. However, you need to abide by local guidelines, such as following physical distancing rules and keeping a facial covering in public. It is a small price to pay for personal safety and an incredible holiday!

You can easily find safe accommodation

Since Maui is not as crowded as usual, finding safe accommodation here is easier than you think. It is best to pick a condo at this point because you have a fully-equipped kitchen where you can cook safely rather than eat out. You can even do your laundry, which makes you feel at home here.

There are options with alluring beachside views in Maui, so you can relish the stunning views and have a quiet time solo or with your family. Those planning to work on the holiday can take advantage of the Wi-Fi facility, and you will never be out of touch. There couldn’t be a better way to enjoy your first staycation post-pandemic.

There is still a lot you can do in Maui

Maui is a traveler’s paradise because it offers something for everyone, whether you are an adventure buff or a lazy tourist. Right now, things are even better because the island isn’t as crowded as always, and you can easily explore the options. You can read more about things to do in Maui before landing here. It will help you get an itinerary ready, and you will not miss out on anything.

Picking COVID-friendly outdoor activities is a good idea as you will not have to worry about safety. You can book a sunset cruise with an open-air seating plan that follows social distancing norms. A visit to Haleakala, which is home to Maui’s highest peak, is a must. It offers a majestic view of the sunrise that is not worth missing. If you want a slice of authentic Hawaiian culture, check out a luau at the open-air Old Lāhainā Lūau.

You can explore plenty of safe dining options

Even if you cook in your condo, you will not want to leave Maui without relishing its delectable cuisine. Another good reason to visit the island in 2021 is that you have plenty of safe dining options to explore here. You can dine and party without fearing the virus because they follow the COVID-precautions stringently.

You can pick one with open-air seating because it offers great ambiance and minimizes the risk. Moreover, restaurants and bars on the island must follow the local guidelines and limit occupancy to 50% of the maximum capacity. Tables have to maintain a distance of six-feet indoors and outdoors.

Your bucket list this year must include a holiday at Maui, because you can do a lot here, without worrying about getting infected. Moreover, you can get the best it has to offer when it isn’t overcrowded as always.