There are many reasons why nurses are crucial in our ongoing battle against Coronavirus. As a result of Covid-19, caring for patients and their families has increased dramatically in recent years. In the medical field, a critical care nurse is trained to cope with life’s most stressful situations, and Covid-19 is definitely one of them. To handle these kinds of situations more effectively as a critical nurse, check this comprehensive guide where you can find more information about critical care nursing. Nursing as a profession is incredibly selfless generally, now if you put that in the context of a global pandemic, their selfless acts are amplified. Nurses across the world are putting their own lives in danger to work on the frontline to save lives. Put simply, without nurses the world would be in a very dire place. 

They Risk Their Lives Daily

First and foremost, nurses are risking their lives each and every day that they work in this global pandemic. While we expect that they should have access to proper PPE, this is not always the reality. Alongside the ongoing risk of exposure to Covid-19, nurses also have to endure physical and mental exhaustion. Yet they continue to do it every day all for the sake of the patients. As you visit this site you’ll see that exceptional nurses such as Suki Stiles are even regarded as modern-day heroes. Suki Stiles is a nurse who is featured in Reebok’s Wonder Woman 84 campaign, which sheds light on the importance of nurses and just how incredible they can be. 

They Provide Essential Healthcare Education 

When nurses are not on the frontline, they are ‘stepping up’ and providing essential information about healthcare education. In simpler terms, nurses go out into the public and visit high-risk individuals and try to pass on important information on how we can prevent Covid. For instance, they teach people how to detect any early signs of infection. Alongside this they teach preventative measures that we all need to be doing, for example, washing hands, avoiding touching our face, and following social distancing rules. 

A nurse has many roles, and often people forget that they do have teaching elements in their job. They have to work hard to set an example to the rest of the general public and this comes with a lot of pressure, alongside the pressure of caring for patients.

They Provide Direct Care Around The Clock

Nurses provide care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Having a good team of nurses ensures that someone is always on the clock and making sure that patients are being monitored. Alongside caring for patients around the clock, they run public health operations, educational programs, and screening projects. At the core of all these things lies one thing in common, that is they all exist for the well-being of both patients and the general public.

The skill and expertise of nurses have increased dramatically in recent years, and there is no doubt that without their effective management, smooth operations, and high-quality medical care that hospitals would not be able to run without them. Ultimately, they help the doctors do the best job that they possibly can. This is because the doctors can focus on what they need to do while being fully assured that their patients are being monitored and cared for properly. 

nurse taking care of a patient

They Act Right Away In Order To Prevent The Spread

Nurses practice preventative measures more vigilantly than anyone. They understand the severity and danger of Covid more than the general population as they witness its dangers every day. Consequently, they have become role models for the public as they set the tone for what best practice is when it comes to preventative measures. So not only do they teach the public about the benefits of handwashing, isolation, and distancing, they also properly conduct it themselves. In short, they practice what they preach, which cannot be said for a lot of political and authoritative figures out there who have been caught breaking the rules that they implemented. 

The Sacrifice 

The sacrifices that nurses make to care for their patients is immense. A nurse who is also a mother had to stay away from her children for months to keep them safe. This is a huge sacrifice and one that many mothers empathize with. Whatsmore, we should never forget that some nurses have, unfortunately, paid the ultimate sacrifice and have passed due to contracting Coronavirus while caring for patients. We owe it to the families and workers who have been lost on the frontline to remember their efforts and keep fighting this battle.  This is a sacrifice that no one should have to make while doing their job. Yet nurses are aware of the risks they are taking and continue to do so. The courage, bravery, and persistence that nurses have shown in this global pandemic are profound. 

Nurses have been of paramount importance to the continual running and survival of healthcare systems across the world. The work that nurses have done and will continue to do in this pandemic is invaluable. They are real-life heroes and deserve untold amounts of gratitude and recognition.