Nowadays, knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases is more advanced than it has been in the past. However, many young people are either unaware or ashamed that they should attend regular checkups instead of going to the doctor only when they notice some changes or discomfort. STDs could represent a danger to anyone and not only to the people who are considered higher risk.

First Thing’s First: Eliminate the Shame

Shame is the main thing that prevents people from attending regular check-ups. It may be because of society’s stigmatization or because they feel ashamed to admit to someone that they engaged in sexual activity. Thus, to increase the number of people who want to take steps to find out if they have a potential problem, the professionals have made available a number of solutions, one of them being STD testing online. You should always put your health and safety before anything else, and this is no different. It is better to feel a small amount of shame than to suffer the consequences that STDs can cause.

They Are Often Unnoticeable

Surveys have shown that a significantly low number of people are aware that STDs can be contracted even if you are a virgin. Many STDs don’t require penetration to be spread, only skin-to-skin contact. Many of them don’t cause any special discomforts, so they can’t be detected without a check-up, but their consequences could be dire. The most common mistake is to be certain that you are not affected just because you don’t have significant symptoms. Some of them could be dormant in your body for years and even cause your partner’s problems and not to you. To avoid misunderstandings and cheating accusations, get the full picture of your reproductive health on time.

Waiting Will Cause More Harm Than Good

Besides making problems in your personal relationships, they could cause grave damage to your reproductive system. If not detected and treated in time, some STDs can cause infertility, cervical or ovarian cancer, and even the destruction of your whole immune system. Some diseases, like HIV, are more treatable when detected early. Besides that, the pain and discomfort which some of them cause could seriously put a damper on your everyday life. The cramping in the genital area caused by an STD can often be mistaken for period cramp, and that is why a professional should be aware of the situation at any time. Some people postpone going to the doctor for fear of something being discovered. However, worrying about it is certainly more painful, and many people have stated that they felt relief when they found out about having a disease.

You own it both to yourself and your partner, be honest and transparent about your reproductive health. There is no reason to let the fear of the thing become bigger than the thing itself. It is never an enjoyable experience, but it could save you from further damage and help you continue leading a normal and healthy lifestyle. So try to be brave and consistent with your check-ups, and you will lower the chances of having any further issues significantly.