Even in a world that is slowly but surely broadening its mind and removing the barriers between what is considered masculine and feminine, there is still a general unease among men when it comes to grooming.

But fellas, it’s time to leave all that apprehension at the door and embrace a little self-care!

Being kind to yourself with home treatments will boost your confidence and leave you looking great, and also have a few health benefits.

men facial grooming at homeFacials

If you are a man you will have heard of facials but you might not even know what their function is. 

Well essentially, a facial is a skin care treatment for, you guessed it, the face. They exfoliate the skin and remove impurities and dead skin.

Why should you, a man, get a facial you ask? There are health benefits to your skin for one. There is a stereotype that facials are feminine, but a man’s skin can be 25 percent thicker than a woman’s. It also has a higher collagen density, creating more sebum oil and causing breakouts. Moreover, they can prevent crow’s feet and wrinkles, while helping to remove blackheads and promote new cell regeneration.

There are different types of facials you can try, such as a chemical peel, which is a solution used on the face that removes dead skin cells and stimulates the growth of new cells that in turn improves the appearance of the skin.

There are three types of peels; superficial, medium, and deep.

You can also do DIY masks. Some remedies may not be the best, but with a little research, you can find out which are the safest to try. There are homemade face masks for all types of different conditions such as wrinkles, dark circles, chapped lips, and eczema.

men grooming with hair treatment at homeHair treatments

It can be easy to go into a supermarket or beauty store and just pick out the cheapest shampoo you can find, but doing so might be doing your hair a disservice.

For instance, men with oily hair would benefit from a clarifying shampoo, while a coconut milk shampoo for instance will help moisturise dry share.

And what about those of you concerned about hair loss, baldness, and thinning hair? Well, you can use products with hair building fibers that will help disguise thinning hair and act as hair thickeners – boosting confidence naturally and giving your natural hair a thicker look.

Naked manicures

The global health pandemic brought into focus the need to take good care of our hand health.

There may be an exasperated reaction from some of you fellas when told to get a manicure before they are extremely beneficial to hand health – not just the nails.

And what you need is the naked manicure, sometimes referred to as a no-polish manicure or bare manicure, a procedure that enhances the strength of natural nails and naturally enhances their appearance.

In the absence of polish, a naked manicure focuses on cleaning, buffing, shaping, and the treatment of nails.

Of course, if you did want something a little more vibrant then a little nail art may be to your fancy. After all, this is the year 2023 why should there be a taboo over men and their nails?

Think about it, is it any different than showing your creativity through piercings or tattoos? It is a growing trend and one you should embrace.