Nowadays, men and women wax. Our waxable areas respond to some well-targeted tender loving care. We like to get re-waxed regularly. At least, once a year.

You can visit a waxing station and receive a wax for life. Or you can do it yourself at home. All you need is a bowl of hot water, a sponge, a hairdryer, and a steady hand.


As well as some Barbour thornproof dressing. Your fern Bedale and olive Beaufort will look all the better for it. And your Macdui will thank you for it.

Music and showbiz royalty, as well as royal royalty, are country wear clothes horses. Liam Gallagher, Lilly Allen, and the Arctic Monkeys as well as Daniel Craig, David Beckham, and Prince Charles are all fans of the Barbour jacket and ambassadors of artisanal fabrication and luxury British homespun wax cotton.


Another sign of climate change is winter clothing sales happening earlier and earlier. In this year’s Barbour’s winter sale, you can not only get yourself kitted out like a country lady or gent, a Hoorah Henry or a Yah with corduroy collars, tartan-lined waxed gilets, countryman Greeb quilted jackets, and weather control Wellington’s but also Barbour slippers, Barbour Chiltern boots, timber tan or cognac Transomed boots, zip-sweaters, jumpers, women’s lounge, and nightwear, shawl cardigans. cord overshirts, tailored shirts, and an extra-long Nori seaweed green sandstone Crimdon, fashion-forward but still functional with a cozy snorkel hood and anti-hunting faux fur lining.


Barbour isn’t just for riding to the hounds, posing at point-to-points, and visiting the stud.  These days the County squire’s lady doesn’t wear her re-wax with the stand collar all the time. Now she wears Barbour PJ trousers, slim jeans, tartan headbands, Otterburn joggers, Wellie-friendly knee socks, and other Barbour contemporary casuals as well as far-from-gentrified and far-from-muddy-Grasmoor ankle boots.

She doesn’t want to always look like a substantial landowner. And has shed her camouflage green for new “younger” designs like the Cabot peached fabric finish quilted jacket layering piece, available in sandstone and rose blush. With its pillow funnel collar and contrasting baffles for “elite warmth”, it’s just the thing for brisk walks along the coastline or snuggling up and getting toasty in a fuel-stressed, under-insulated country manor house.

Although still on their leather trims, Barbour ladies are now wearing re-engineered diamond quilts in calico and stone. And stepping out in playful prints and the transitional wardrove that is the company “Coastal” range.


Nor does he want to be mistaken for a Justice of the Peace.  Or a stuck-in-the-mud. He doesn’t always wear a waistcoat or puffy sleeveless gilet. He is not permanently encased in-country gent outfitters’ waxed cotton. Now he likes to wear lounge crews, tartan trousers and even not very baggy, tailored Barbour shorts.

As well as new arrivals like Grampian and Harlyn baffle-quilted jackets boasting a laid-on zip and stud front fastening, a detachable hood with Velcro fastenings, and Lycra bound cuffs. And iconic hand warmer chest pockets and large bellows waist pockets for practical storage solutions.

The premium British luxury country clothes and accessories brand launched Barbour Gold Standard, a benchmark in homespun Anglo-outerwear. It’s a curated collection of “spiffing” garments that showcases high-end British artisanal craftsmanship.


Barbour was founded in 1894 in South Shields in northeast England. Today the 5th generation is headquartered on Simonside, where Barbour’s iconic wax jackets are hand manufactured.  Barbour offers a full human wardrobe as well as catwalk dog wear – harnesses, coats, and scarves but no flat caps. Yet.

The company produced its first mail-order catalog in 1908. By 1912, J Barbour & Sons were sold worldwide. For fifty years from 1927, Barbour was associated with its motorcycling range.  In 1939, the Ursula suit – named after a submarine- became a standard issue for members of the Submarine Service. In 1974, Barbour received the first Royal warrant from HRH the Duke of Edinburgh. In 1980 it produced its signature lightweight thornproof short riding jacket – the Bedale.  Barbour received a second Royal Warrant from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11. The Barbour Trust was set up to support local and national projects and community issues.


In 2001, Margaret Barbour was appointed Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire. Lately, Scottish actor, Sam Heughan became the face of Barbour and its first global brand ambassador.

Barbour has evolved. It is no longer exclusively “county” and rural. It has become urban and city.

Fashion designer Alexa Chung has also produced her collection with twists on trad quilted jackets resulting in “something quintessentially British, very vintage-inspired, classic and true to the Barbour DNA. You buy it and keep it forever.” There is the Pip jacket, named after the designer’s pet horse. With some new peppy design flourishes and colorways, it boasts the same functional pocket inspired by the original ’70s nylon smock design, which has a handy map or hipflask flap. The Barbour by ALEXACHUNG collection, sees the Barbour archive re-imagined with alluring details of patchwork, quilt, and Gingham.

But the well-waxed and recently re-waxed Look will never die.